BUZZINGS: Jonas Brothers Breakup Rumors Send Shivers of Panic Through Tweener Nation

  • Are the Jonas Brothers planning to split next year? And if so, who will get custody of their hair stylist? (PopEater)
  • Denise Richards gets in on the Charlie Sheen controversy, vows that she will “spill my guts” someday. Funny, she’s been making us spill our guts for some time now. (E! Online)
  • Tyra Banks’ former employee lashes out, calls her a “diva.” In related news, did you know that the sun rises in the east? (Bossip)
  • Joe Francis doesn’t like being called a rapist, presumably prefers the term “rape technician.” (Socialite Life)
  • Mark Wahlberg has a bone to pick with David Beckham. Is a caged death match too much to ask for? (Gabby Babble)