Did Jon Gosselin Rough Up Hailey Glassman?

Has Jon Gosselin been taking seduction lessons from his old pal Michael Lohan?

A source tells the New York Post that the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad got physical with his ex Hailey Glassman as the two parted ways earlier this month, slamming her against a wall in a jealous rage.

According to the mole, Papa Jon flipped out when he spied a photo of Hailey smooching Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman:

“That picture started the whole thing, a picture of her kissing another man.”

That’s when Gosselin allegedly decided to play rough, sending Glassman flying into a wall of their Manhattan apartment and verbally abusing her. (Glassman subsequently filed a harassment complaint with the NYPD over the incident, which is currently being investigated by police.)

For the record, Gosselin’s mouthpiece, Mark Heller, denies the charge, declaring, “Jon is a lover, not a fighter.” 

Hmm; we’re pretty sure that’s a typo, and Heller actually said “loser,” not “lover.” But in any case, do you think Jon Gosselin is capable of physical abusiveness? Sound off in the comments section!