GaGa Goes Gaga Over SuBo, Potential Duo?

Susan Boyle is having what you might call an epic finish to 2009.

Last week, rumors leaked that SuBo had been tapped to sing the title song in the next Daniel Craig led James Bond movie.

Just recently, it was announced that SuBo would soon be doubling up with operatic superstar Andrea Bocelli to duet on an upcoming British talent reality show.

Throughout this final week of the year, SuBo’s battling neck and neck with Taylor Swift for top selling U.S. album of the year with her multi-platinum debut album, “I Dreamed a Dream”.

And, today, the only songstress possibly hotter than her on the planet, Lady GaGa, throws SuBo a big, wet shout out and suggests she might be next in line to team up with the Scottish singing sensation.

“I love Susan Boyle. She is my woman of the year. She has achieved more in this year than most artists will in a lifetime….

….Our styles are different. I don’t know if we could work together, but never say never. It would be great to work with somebody of that talent.”

    –  Lady G.

How many times a day do you think Susan pinches herself to see if it’s all real?