You're Invited To The Kardashian's X-Mas Eve Party! (PHOTOS)

Can't get enough of the Kardashians? Yeah, neither can we!

Naturally, Khloe Kardashian has taken to her blog to post pictures from the family's holiday party! The new bride shared,

"Since Kourt was born and it’s our main holiday tradition. The party starts early around 5pm or so and all of our friends and family come. My mom has carolers, elves, and Santa even comes to hand out presents. It is amazing.

This was the first  Christmas Eve party in our new house and it was truly so special! Everyone was there — Kim, Kourt, Scott, Rob, Kendall, Kylie, Brody, Burt, Brandon, the twins...seriously our entire family!!! And this year we had baby Mason and Lamar. Two new peps to bring into our tradition. My mom goes all out. It’s so amazing!!!"

Damn, we love this family! Enjoy all the pics in our gallery!



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  • Eb Jcya Sipanis
    Eb Jcya Sipanis

    Rob,luv u'r tattoo....

  • maddogg03

    pat o brien!! miss him!!

  • fabbzpattz

    look at kylie rockin that red lipstick! they all look great and glad to see the siblings bonding.....

  • ka

    chloe looks amazing, well done honey ur body is rocking

  • Barb - shomedemoney
    Barb - shomedemoney

    Who is that good lookin' gentleman????? Good pic of both of you!

  • Barb - shomedemoney
    Barb - shomedemoney

    Khloe you look so pretty in this pic - not sure who the blonde is but you look GREAT!!!

  • Barb

    You two are too cute! LOL all up in the cam! Good pic!

  • Barb - shomedemoney
    Barb - shomedemoney

    She is a cute girl. Sweet Smile - she looks happy and like she;s having fun!

  • Barb - shomedemoney
    Barb - shomedemoney

    SOOOOOO geeeyorgeous!!!!!!!

  • Barb - shomedemoney
    Barb - shomedemoney

    You both are SOOOO cute together! It's great to see you so happy Khloe! Hope to see a baby bump soon- HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and Lamar!!

  • kourtney

    omggg. brendan & brody remind me soo much of kim & kourt they look like TWINSS. (:

  • samantha

    oh the blonde is kinda scary

  • samantha

    yes Kendall. she actually looks cute in this picrure in almost every other she lokks bad, :(



  • sweetness t
    sweetness t


  • sweetness t
    sweetness t

    i love you guys plus thats a great pic

  • Camille

    is that kendall jenner?

  • vpopadiuc87

    this is cute !

  • roeschs3

    they are so cute! i'm so glad they're for real