Report: Charlie Sheen Offers His Wife $1 Million to Put Up With Him a Little Longer

Apparently, being married to a volatile jerkwad can be lucrative.

Radar Online reports that Charlie Sheen is offering to increase his wife Brooke Mueller’s prenup payout to $1 million, after reportedly threatening to kill her with a knife on Christmas.

There are only two catches: She has to stay married to him for a little while longer, and he has to stay out of prison.

Which puts Mueller between a rock and a hard place, according to sources close to her. Apparently, Brooke’s current prenup agreement is “not generous,” and if Sheen ends up behind bars, she can kiss any chance of spousal support or child support—the couple has twin sons together—goodbye.

On the other hand, if Mueller helps Sheen avoid jail time by softening her allegations against him, she could face a charge of filing a false police report. (Mueller has hired defense attorney Yale Galanter in part, according to reports, to help her avoid incriminating herself with the police.)

Either way, say people close to Mueller, once the legal drama is cleared away and her prenup is officially boosted to $1 million, the couple is headed for divorce court.

*Sigh*; ain’t love grand?