Kelly Clarkson Is One Tough Boss (VIDEO)

Warning: Do not mess with Kelly Clarkson. Especially if she’s signing your paycheck.

The American Idol fave has never been one to reserve judgment, and that clearly extends to her band members, as evidenced by this newly unearthed video from a 2005 performance, during which she fired her guitar player, Dwayne Larring, after he apparently made a rude gesture to the audience. Which Clarkson clearly wasn’t having any of.

Check out how Clarkson cans him, mid-song, without missing a beat, and even incorporates the sacking into the lyrics.

And then Clarkson gets really mean, delivering a spiel about Larring to the audience before dedicating “Breakaway” to his newly unemployed behind.

Wow. Donald Trump clearly has nothing on this chick.