Lady GaGa Has Lost Her Head(Piece)! (VIDEO)

Lady GaGa Has Lost Her Head(Piece)! (VIDEO)-photo

If you thought Lady GaGa was going to let 2009 slip away without one last wardrobe malfunction, you're obviously not very familiar with her.

Luckily, as far as wardrobe malfunctions go, this one was pretty innocent.

The Pantsless One thrilled a star-packed crowd at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami during her New Year's Eve concert last night, but the performance didn't go off completely without a hitch. During GaGa's rendition of "Bad Romance," her hyperkinetic dance moves caused her headpiece to fly off her curiously-dyed noggin.

Of course, being the consummate professional she is, Ms. GaGa soldiered on without missing a beat, ensuring that everyone in the crowd would ring in 2009 on a flawless GaGa note.

Feel free to do the same by checking out the video below.



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  • tatts09

    this song has been stuck in my head for the past two weeks..argh!!LOVE IT!!..

  • lori

    God, that was stupid. What passes for "talent"'s just sad.

  • diana

    like, that wasn't a wardrobe malfunction....came on! really? that was on purpose!

  • obsessed

    haha, im like in love with this song XD