This Could Very Well Represent Everything That’s Wrong With This Country Today (VIDEO)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Lindsay Lohan’s self-professed number-one fan, who declines to reveal her name in the video below but otherwise proves herself to be a textbook case of misplaced priorities.

Our little case study—who made the cross-country trip from Boston to Hollywood to hopefully meet her idol and perhaps land work as a Lindsay Lohan double—goes on to reveal that she feels as if she’s “pretty much the same person” as the Just My Luck actress, noting that she wears LiLo’s line of leggings and has inked up her body with tattoos replicating Lohan’s own.

Oh, and if she were to find out that Lohan had become pregnant? You guessed it:

“I would go find a guy and get pregnant too.”

Happy new year, America.