When Lammy Met Pammy (PHOTOS)

Oh, goodness.

Apparently not even Adam Lambert can keep himself from gawking when confronted by the sight of Pamela Anderson's nipples.

The former Baywatch babe shared more than a few kind words with the American Idol fave at the Gridlock New Year's Eve celebration at Paramount Studios in Hollywood on Wednesday; she also offered Glambo an all-too-generous glimpse of her more-than-ample talents.

Gee, think he noticed?

You might want to click through our photo gallery before you answer that.



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  • dakota

    Lets get serious here. He's gay so obviously he found no interest in Pamela's nipple. Did you hear the interviews and articles when HE said he was bi-curious

  • sydsouth

    * Now, if you want an iconic meeting--get Madonna & Lady Ga Ga together in one room in a couple of years when Ga Ga is bigger than she is now!!*

  • SuzyQ

    Pam only pushed Adam's hand away because she knew he was going to give her a hand with corralling those puppies but what she really wanted was for them to hang out. How dare Adam pull her top back up when she wants everyone to see them. I know how women operate. And she calls herself a mother. What a bimbo. But I love her though for standing up for animal rights!

  • anon

    Looks like he was helping her cover up her nips that she 'accidentally' let loose. Being a gentleman

  • Whitedog

    The poor kid, here he was trying to help out the lady and she freaks out. What is with women wearing tops that show their breasts without them knowing it? Was that a stunt for her to get more attention?

  • Linda

    Pam's boobs jumped out at Gorgeous Adam and he said he admires beautiful women. Pam get them under control. Adam is a gentleman and wanted to help corral those babies back in LOL

  • Josie

    By all accounts (and YouTube videos), Adam delivered an incredible performance at Gridlock - only for it to go unnoticed by the press in favor of Pamela Anderson falling out of her dress. Pathetic.

  • lizbizz11

    Lets get serious here. He's gay so obviously he found no interest in Pamela's nipple.

  • mairin

    Perhaps the sight of such "bodaciousness" will trigger Adam's bi-curiosity a bit more.

  • chica

    Adam is always respectful of other people and he was trying to help the girl out..or back in, as it were. But seriously, who wouldn't look!? Everyone likes boobs and when legendary boobs are thrust in your face, you look!

  • tatts09

    give him a break..he was just trying to be a gentleman..

  • Jenn

    Actually Adam was a perfect gentleman and Pamela put his hand up there not held it off. Adam glanced down when her top fell (who wouldn't) and then they moved on. Give me a freaking break. Much ado about nothing.