Leighton Meester's Getting a Little Lacy (PHOTOS)

We see right through you, Leighton Meester. Or at least, we see right through your outfit.

The Gossip Girl beauty and budding songstress spent New Year's Day performing at The Underground in Chicago—and offering ample glimpses of flesh in her lacy get-up.

What do you think of Leighton's outfit—thumbs up or thumbs down? Share your opinion in the comments section!



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  • ju

    seeing people dressed like this makee me think : why wasnt i born with money ? so many people have it and STILL dress badly. ugh

  • crystalhope

    so pretty!! she needs a stylist though!! desperately needs -))

  • crystalhope

    I like the top....but the pants are just disastrous 0_o

  • gurdyxx

    This Outfit is ugly !!!

  • jessica

    www.au79online.com for leightons jewels!

  • oara

    so pretty!! she needs a stylist though!!

  • Isabella

    I really can't stand this girl. She wears the dumbest outfits. She's not as cute or pretty as she thinks she is. And she seriously needs someone to fix her f*cked up eyebrows. She also needs someone to teach her that being conceited is never cute. She's so gross & lame. Oh, & her name is stupid too. Loser.

  • HatoradeHCC

    I second the FugGirls.... "You guys, I love Blair, but the more I see Leighton Meester in Non-Blair-Environs, the more I NEVER want to see her out of character, EVER. ...WE GET IT. YOU'RE NAUGHTY. IT'S BORING." boo.

  • Maria Isabel Peña Saldaña
    Maria Isabel Peña Saldaña

    she doesn't have the personality to wear the outfit unlike L.GaGa!

  • whatever

    OMG L i like you more as Blair.,.. that lace sucks!

  • c


  • obsessed

    her outfit is really ugly, looks like crap