Rihanna to Become an Authoress in 2010

No question, Rihanna’s life story was one of the more gripping tales of 2009. And now she’s going to get it down on paper, in her own words, for book lovers everywhere.

June 2010 will see the release of Rihanna: The Last Girl on Earth, which the “Disturbia” singer is penning for publishing house Rizzoli. Details on the hardcover, 144-page tome—which will retail for $50—are scarce so far, but it will contain a contribution from Simon Henwood, who created the logo for Ri-Ri’s Rated R album, and has been working with the Barbados-born songbird in a creative capacity for her videos and her upcoming tour.

How juicy will the details get? No telling so far, but for 50 smackers there had better be some dirt, or else an awful lot of people are going to be disappointed.

Tell us in the comments section: Would you buy it?

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