Contest: Looking for a Job? - Become a Celebuzz Guest Blogger & Make $700!

Contest: Looking for a Job? - Become a Celebuzz Guest Blogger & Make $700!-photo

Trying to find your way in the world? Looking for a job? Love? To Find Yourself?

Well, Celebuzz can help you with two out of three (you're on your own with the love thing) and we'll even float some money your way in the process!

To celebrate the DVD release of the Alexis Bledel comedy Post Grad, we're giving you an opportunity to become a Celebuzz Guest Blogger, and make $700!

How to Enter: Most people assume that chronicling the comings and goings of the show-biz elite requires a specialized degree of some sort. Not so; all you have to do to join the vaunted ranks of Celebuzz's world-renowned bloggers is:

Answer the following question in the comments section of this post: Why do you think being a celebrity blogger would be your ideal job?

Winner: The winner, who will be chosen based on creativity and grammar, will receive the chance to become a Celebuzz Guest Blogger for seven days, receiving $100 per post for a total of $700, and the honor of knowing that he or she has contributed to the canon of celebrity news for all posterity.

Note: If you comment as a Guest (and not a Celebuzz member), be sure to enter a valid email address in the comment area so we can contact you if you win.

Click here for official rules.



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    I'd love an extra $700!

  • Smith

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  • stefania

    Please note that when i copy and pasted my comment, your system added strange unwanted spaces between letters. I can add my comment again if it is necessary.

  • stefania

    Celebuzz, you should hire me because I am Ryden Malby’s real-life New York alter ego from Postgrad, minus Alexis Bledel’s ridiculously stunning sapphire-blue eyes. I went to college with the assumption that if I scored a prestigious scholarship and interned for national magazines, then I would be able to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming an editor in publishing. Now—six editorial internships and $50,000 in scholarships later—it turns out I was wrong. Instead of bringing home my own paycheck and living it up in a loft (the size of a shoebox, but still), I am stuck in my childhood home with my family. “Eccentric” is an understatement when it comes to describing my lovely yet exasperating cohabitants: my grandfather bribes strangers for lotto tickets because he’s convinced he’s going to win, my Jack Russell terrier thinks he’s on speed, my grandmother breaks the sound barrier when she speaks, my brother is living proof of the “gym, tanning, laundry” Jersey Shore mantra, and my parents secretly plot to turn my room into a Jacuzzi when I move out. Although the curveballs that life has thrown have been nothing short of entertaining, sometimes I need to break out of my crazy bubble and focus on someone else’s shortcomings and triumphs. This is where my celebraholic side comes into play. Keeping up with Kimmy K by watching her Carl’s Jr lunch chat, wondering how pint-sized Kendra pushed out her super-sized baby, and reading up on the Snookster’s pouf path to fame (aka $3500 appearances) allow me to escape my current situation for a few glorious moments. There are times when I am tempted to toss my vision of writing stories for a captive audience and try out for the latest MTV reality show. Celebuzz, please save me from self-imposed public embarrassment and hire me as a celebrity blogger instead. Observation is what I’m best at, and the world certainly doesn’t need another yawn-inducing contestant (I’m looking at you, Vinny!) However, what your site does need is a fresh voice that will know when to root for or boo the latest doings of the glitterati. This Twitter and text-happy fanatic would be more than capable and ecstatic to do just that.

  • autimaticeyes

    Celebrity blogging is filled with gossip, sarcasm, and criticism of wardrobe. Kind of like high school, which I live through every day. This is an opportunity to voice my opinion of who got themselves into their latest scandal, or most recent relationship. As a teenage girl I criticize, evaluate, and asses everyone around me without thinking about it. Celebuzz, give me my chance to clue in everyone on the latest news from my own two eyes.

  • brinaax33

    'Extra! Extra! Read all about it!' I always looked up to the little guys in cartoons that waved their newspapers in the air and started the disingenuous gossip or buzz the whole town was impressed by. I longed to be those little guys with the big mouths. To be a celebrity blogger is my ideal job because it is a lifelong dream come true. I spend a lot of time on the internet and always seem to be most intrigued by celebrity gossip.It's high school gossip, which I love, but it's glorified and glamorous. Scandals and relationship problems are everyone's favorite. Writing is my passion, to have a career where I could write gossip and news about people so familiar to our culture is what I focus all of my determination and drive on. I am always looking to showcase my writing abilities and my big mouth full of gossip!

  • brinaax33

    'Extra! Extra! Read all about it!' I always looked up to the little guys in cartoons that waved their newspapers in the air and started the disingenuous gossip or buzz the whole town was impressed by. I longed to be those little guys with the big mouths. To be a celebrity blogger is my ideal job because it is a lifelong dream come true. I spend a lot of time on the internet and always seem to be most intrigued by celebrity gossip.It's high school gossip, which I love, but it's glorified and glamorous. Scandals and relationship problems are everyone's favorite. Writing is my passion, to have a career where I could write gossip and news about people so familiar to our culture is what I focus all of my determination and drive on. I am always looking to showcase my writing abilities and my big mouth full of gossip!

  • willynilly

    Why me huh... I feel better about myself when I scrutinize the flaws of other people; it's a very positive way to boost self-esteem. By putting other people down I somehow manage to elevate myself. I think this whole blogging about celebrity’s thang would be the perfect venue in which I can essentially make myself feel better. Oh yes and honesty. I would blog with such integrity and honesty that one might even go so far to say that I would be the Mother Teresa of blogging. Please keep in mind though that the truth hurts. Not all of the time, but most of the time. I need to share my honesty with the world. I need to share it in the form of a blog. I need Celebuzz to make that happen. Let me help you help

  • lover1417

    Sarcasm; I love it. Celebrity News; I live it. Blogging on these so called celebrities? A once in a life time chance. I myself love hearing about new stars or movies or songs coming out. Now I'm not a journalist, but I am an extremely talented writer. Winning this contest will give me the push I need to succed in normal standards that as a 12 year old I'm not used to. I Thrive to be the best I can and believe that as an opiniative blogger, I could show people exactly what I think. Some bloggers like to say they like everything; try to be on the readers good sides. Some share more then really necessary. I am the type of blogger that would give creativeness; almost a poetic like entry that defines my feelings with such emphasis that I might change other readers view on things too. I live in a small town where there are no such things as secrets, and no such thing as fame. Where I live, becoming famous or achieving a life long dream is incredibly far-fetched...or is it? I feel that I can show the other people in my town- and hopefully people all around the world- that achieving your dream isn't impossible. But back to blogging about should choose me. It's as simple as that. I am creative, talented, opiniative in a way that viewers will be held on their toes, and have a vocabulary that most 12 year old girls don't. Now tell me this....would you read my blog?

  • aripulco

    The real question is, who WOULDN'T want to be a celeb blogger? Whether we like it or not, celebrities consume our daily lives, er, well at least mine. From constantly receiving updated emails on my Blackberry to checking my twitter for the latest gossip, it's so easy and convenient to have celebs in the palm of your hand. Everything from who they're pregnant by to their sometimes awful ensembles (which is my area of interest), is simply, interesting. Those of us who are not famous (clearly all of us who are entering this contest) dream of living in a lap of luxury with the Pap' flashing us every corner we turn. (OK, maybe we wouldn't all adore the Pap'). But for now, we love them because they capture celebs at their best and certainly cant wait to catch them at their worst. I would love to be a celeb blogger. It'd be a great opportunity to express my passion for writing creatively.

  • tamk

    It would be the ideal job for me because I live for Celebrity gossip, I would be perfect for the job because I would not get any sleep until I found out and reported what and how it all went down!! You could depend on me to get the job done, I would have all the readers on my blog!!

  • clarinerd0102

    I am currently looking for a job and would love to do something along the lines of journalism. Not only would this opportunity be a step in the right direction, but it would be something I'd really enjoy doing. Everybody deserves a job they love and I have yet to find mine. Plus, I'm a busybody who loves being in the know of the going-ons of Hollywood. And I have the ability to be very opinionated or unbiased, whichever is needed. So, please, please, please, and 100 times please, choose me! :-) (

  • littlemanryder

    I would really welcome the opportunity to be a guest celebrity blogger because I feel that I am extremely articulate, well versed on everything celebrity and can relate to the theme of looking for a job, love and finding yourself. Pick me!

  • sars

    Being a celeb blogger is absolutely not my ideal job; I'd much rather be paid to conquer all populations of the world, dance in a whirlwind of candy, or set all Ed Hardy stores on fire. But since none of those positions are currently hiring (nor necessarily legal), I figure that I'm just as qualified for mindlessly sifting through information about rich, beautiful, and (occasionally) talented people as anyone else. As an added bonus, I'm extremely capable of adding cynicism and humor to said information, thus producing something MORE than just a blog; I prefer to think of it as a "clog" (comedic-log). But rather than flaunting my talents more than Heidi Montag flaunts her lack thereof, I'd like to prove myself to you. So muster up all the glitz and glam that you can, and throw it my way; I'm more than ready to take it on.

  • jessakuhduh

    I'm a sophmore in College studying Human Communications. My Dream Job is to work for a Magazine so knowing Celebrity gossip is a major plus for me. I Keep myself in the known when it comes to Celebrities. Whose with who, The best and the worst dressed and of course the hotties of the week. I love to write, its what I want to do with my life because there's just so much you can write about. I don't think I can ever get bored of writing. Currently blogging is something that I do to help improve my writing skills. When I can blog about my ideas and how I feel its makes me a better writer. Grabbing opportunities like this one helps me to improve my communication and writing skills that can help my future. The learning expierence is great and its something I can add to my resume.

  • cindydisaster

    Why do you think being a celebrity blogger would be your ideal job?I'm a concert junkie and a barricade monkey. I post prior to, during & after show information and pictures (videos get posted when I arrive home) I haven't met celebs in person, but I'm getting better and getting closer, In fact I was actually on stage at Los Premios Mtv 2009, in front of Patrick Vaughn Stump, while Fall Out Boy played their last song to their set. I hate attention, but shows make me an attention whore expert lol. For Los Premios 2009 I looked like a bruised rainbow in black and neon colors with hot pink hair & my guest and I received nosebleed section seats for the show upon arrival which we persuaded to be converted into pit bracelets, I don't give up on the chance to have the best experience possible at a show. All manners go down the drain in the pit to get the best pictures, footage, and to catch celebrity items (i.e. guitar picks, towels, jackets etc..i've caught and lost all but the guitar pick ) When it comes to celebrities trashing is catchy, but I would focus on making a celebs good side more appealing. Although I have to travel for most of my adventures, my hometown has magnetized in some pretty big celebrities. I live in between fields of vegetation and the beach, but even so we've had Michael Jackson come to court here & Pirates of the Caribbean At World's end film at our beach (you guessed it) Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, & the rest of the cast were here. And Roger Rabbit. I'm confined to the page as a self proclaimed poet and writing for a living would be the opportunity of a life time. Any practice I have to put my best skill forward I will complete with the utmost optimism and bring lyrical pizazz to any article.

  • sydsouth

    * Blogging and talking about celebz, gossip, news, and rumors, and everything and anything to do with young Hollywood is something that I could do, period!! Pick me please, I'm clever, trendy, crazy, bold, funny, real, and wouldn't get fired in one month of working for you!! No need for me to say more..*

  • gabbiebrown

    Why do you think being a celebrity blogger would be your ideal job? Being a Celebrity blogger means everything to me. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for the past 2 years. Yes I may be only 17 but I know a lot and def do my research. There’s not a time when I’m not checking E! news or Oceanup. If there’s a question about a certain celeb my friends always know to come to me because I normally know the answer. I’ve been around Celebrities since I was 5. I tend a lot of concerts because my dad is a security guard, but most of the events I tend are on my own ( meaning I pay for them) and the celebs I meet are all done on my own and being in the right place at the right time. I’ve written several blogs about the shows I’ve attended on and I write my own blogs on tumblr. I’m normally updating info on my twitter about what’s happening especially in the Teen world. I love writing and it’s something I hope to do when I graduate high school. I’m currently in Several Broadcasting and journalism classes at my school and I run the Celebrity news section. There’s not a time when I’m not in the classroom working on a hot new topic. I’m always online and surfing the web, which is something I feel is important in being a blogger. It’s not about the money. It’s about doing something I love doing. I would do this for free if it meant I could blog for you. But either way, I’m going to continue writing. Even if I don’t win this. Dear Celebuzz Give me this amazing opportunity, even though I’m only in high school! You’ll be hearing my name one day in this world. And this would be one amazing start. xoxoxo Miss La aka Gabbie Brown

  • kmini1

    I looooove writing and speaking my mind on controversial things! Not afraid to speak my mind at all. Just ask me something! Anything. I am someone who is very entertained by the celeb lifestyle! So shoot! Why wouldn't I want to be a celeb blogger for you all for a w'eek and show you my stuff? I've got what it takes to entertain the world as well! If selected you definately wont be dissapointed! I am eager to start working for you! This job + me=perfect match!

  • tarakon

    For the sake of brevity and simplicity, I’ve narrowed down my qualifications to be your guest blogger to a top ten list: 1. Shaloha! I'm a JAPpy Jew from Hawaii. Being a snarky Jewess from a tiny island=expert nose for sniffing out gossip, and delighting in the schadenfreude, depravity and misfortune of others. 2. I'm also Russian (by origin, not nationality), so I can drink my way through a bathtub of Russian prison moonshine and walk away--in a straight line. This seems to be working well for the current Superficial writer, so I figured I might as well throw it out there. 3. I don’t have a typical sense of humor. Like most people with crazy Russian parents, I have a dark and twisty and somewhat unusual sense of humor. What sets me apart is my wit, which, at least in my opinion, will get you worlds farther than a typical, pre-fab punch line. 4. I have a top-of-the-line liberal arts education, so I can actually spell, which would save you the cost of having an editor baby-sit my posts. 5. I’ve also worked in journalism overseas as an entertainment writer, where my chief responsibility was to coerce my way backstage at concerts without using my press pass to get an unadulterated glimpse into what actually happens backstage, and then write about it. 6. I did this by milking my enormous breasts for all they’re worth, and realized that a good push-up bra will get you farther than a briefcase of cash. High five! 7. Obviously, I wouldn’t be doing this while working as a blogger. The point is, is that I use the resources that I can get my hands on and make it work. Give me a picture of a celebrity coming out a bathroom and a few rumors, and I’ll figure out a way to make it into a kick-ass post blogged around the world. Don’t believe me? Call me on my bluff and choose me as your guest writer. 8. I’m compulsive about deadlines, and I have a level of discipline that allowed me to graduate cum laude from one of the best liberal arts colleges in the country while simultaneously planning every major party on campus. You’re not going to get that level of discipline from most of the teenieboppers writing in from their pink-painted, Britney poster-covered rooms in Iowa. 9. For the record, I’ve calmed down considerably since college, and am currently a librarian at a public library in a major metropolitan area—meaning—that I work with the crazy people that make up “the public” on a daily basis. If you do this, and you don’t have an awesome sense of humor about life (and the ability to express that humor), you’d put a gun in your mouth. 10. The only things I’ve ever failed at in my life are lacrosse and B2B sales. Considering this is neither, you can rest assured that I’ll be an incredible success. In conclusions, I think it stands to mention that last night, which you can read all about here: xoxo~your lovable c*ckroach

  • meggaga

    Beloved Celebuzz, Celebrity is my name, and blogging is my game! I've been blogging and social networking since I was ten, and to think, it all started from the game 'Telephone!' I'm pretty sure I can be considered an expert by now. Perez Hilton? Who is that? Well, he better watch out, because I'll be taking his spot in the near future! Writing is not a profession; it's a work of art. It's just like painting a portrait or getting dressed in the morning. Celebrity juice racks up the dirt on the scandalous lives of the rich and famous, that we, the scribes vicariously live through. We fixate over these people like a morning cigarette to an addicted smoker! Buzzing about the next preggo pop star to putting poor Miley Cyrus on blast, you name it! Pick me, and I promise you won't be that lost puppy anymore, looking for talent on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. Who would have known, you got yourself a Jersey girl, right outside the Big Apple! Yours With Poise, MegGaGa

  • cak258

    I blog celebrity for you. Ideal, I am. I drink Clooney. I drink Clooney for you?

  • chrissy814

    Hi Celebuzz =D For me, writing is my drug. I love to write about anything and everything humanly possible. Everything in this world is inspiring to me. Ever since I was little I can remember making poems to things. I love to rhyme, I use to call people and have a little rhyme/rap for them when they answered. I already have little blogs where I write my feelings, and this would be the most life changing and praise worthy job, EVER. Please, I beg you to let me please you. I can show you real talent and true dedication. I could literally write about everything and never complain. I am a college student who wants to major in journalism/creative writing. I love pop culture and everything else in this world so I am girl. I PROMISE YOU that if you pick me, you will be very happy with your choice, as will I! So please give me a chance and I promise that all of my hardwork will pay off. Not to mention that I need a job, and what is a better job than doing something you love? In this world you need people with a spunky and funky optimistic outlook on life, and here she is, right here, don't let her slip away! Thank you=] and before I go, Hey celebuzz I have got a little something for you! You may not know who to pick, but I know who! You need a blogger who is fresh and young, and not to mention, a girl who is not afraid to get something off of her tongue! The clock is ticking, and it is time you get picking! So here is your girl Christina, someone who can move as fast as a ballerina! Sincerly, Christina =D

  • dariandemetri

    Hollywood is my life, my inspiration, my burning desire. I am a male teenager, an author, and a former model, after being discovered in a modeling competition in Orlando, FL. I previously owned a celebrity news website, in which I wrote the latest news and gossip about teen celebrities. Although the website had thousands of subscribers, I sadly no longer have it and the domain is owned my BuzzMedia. After that I began writing celebrity news for I would like to have another chance to do what I love and write about the celebrities that people care about and are longing to read about. Celebuzz inspired me to begin writing and to start my own website. I currently have a book out called 'What My Mom Taught Me About Money', so I know a lot about writing and grammar. Please give me the opportunity to show the Celebuzz team exactly what I am capable of and I promise I will not disappoint. I always strive for greatness, and because of it I've lived a very impressive lifestyle for a teenager.

  • ladygoogle

    Dearest Celebuzz, We meet again. What's that you say? You don't remember me? Let's refresh. I was one of the runners-up (cringe with me now at the thought of running) during last year's Oscar's contest. Do get back to your latte if that disqualifies me; there's nothing worse than cold foam. Should I still be bff-worthy, you can bet your hair hat that you won't be disappointed with my coverage this time around. Let's face it: I'm cute (even more so now that I'm sporting a sexy baby bump), I'm witty (apparently pregnancy brain only affects dates and times) and I could use the extra cash to buy all things fuzzy, trendy and organic for my babe-to-be's new nursery. I feel much better now; don't you? Yours truly, Lady Google

  • porschesimpson

    I don't want t be a celebrity blogger, I AM a celebrity blogger; and a damn great one if you ask me or the other 110 ten people that commented on my last article about Adam Lambert appearing on Oprah. I have the English and Journalism degree but a piece of paper nor countless hours in the library didn't teach me how to entertain people that obsess over celebrities, I taught myself. Writing for Celebuzz would be icing on the cake because it's one of the top celebrity blogging sites online and I've worked damn hard to get to this point, so if you don't accept me, I'm sure someone else will...but I'm really hoping you do. Porsche Simpson

  • gabeanator

    I'll be the first to admit that I have an addiction. An addiction to celebrity gossip. I'm not quite sure when it started, but it's taken my brain by storm and I can't get enough. Whether it's a new story about how much of a douchebag Spencer Pratt is (which seems to be pretty often) or how much money Nicolas Cages owes to the IRS, I find myself either compassionate toward them, or more commonly, laughing at their expense. Celebrity Gossip is my anti-drug. This would be an ideal opportunity for me because I feel like I can bring a fresh viewpoint to the table. All day, every day, I have an ongoing monologue basically dissecting everyone I interact with. I think it's time for me to put that into writing, and share it with the world.

  • missthing06

    Everyday I go on Celebuzz. I'm funny,have plenty of time on my hands,and keep up on all the celebritie gossip. Everytime a celeb becomes the topic in a conversation or just when someone in my family has something to say, I always have the scoop on that celeb. My family laughs and calls me weird because they say,"you act like you know these people." ha I know everything I need to know and have a lot to say about it. Bring on the gossip, the drama, because I won't back down. I'm ready to blog about it, talk about it, and make $700 dollars while I'm at it. Come on CELEBUZZ, I'm your blogger!!! :) -"you think you know them, you don't know crap until you read everything behind their back. They try to be perfect, we all know that's true but how can they with people like me and you. I'm sure they hate blogs, but hey, they chose this job. So come on Celebuzz make my dream come me make money..for being like YOU!!" :)

  • theerika

    Bitch, please. You're doing this to celebrate the DVD release of Post Grad? I, fair readers, am the paramount example of post college confusion and general messiness. So would it not be apropos for me to be the guest blogger? Additionally, my continued and never ending descent into the deepest realms of unemployment has allowed me the free time to know all things celebrity and pop culture... perhaps even to an embarrassing degree. My sole daily meal of a bread sandwich and a cigarette has fostered a deep bitterness in me toward the rich and famous. It has honed my wit to a dangerously sharp, razor edge; BEWARE FAME MONGERS, I'M COMING FOR YOU. Since both verbally abusing those more fortunate than I, and reporting all useless celebrity news to my friends are daily past times, I may as well get paid for doing them, n'est-ce pas? Also I could earn $700 and not even have to put on a pair of pants. I could be sitting pantsless in front of my computer eating beef jerky (it seems like something one would eat while pantsless) and getting paid.

  • kanza

    I won't bore you by telling you that I am fast learner, I am adaptable, dynamic and passionate and I have a quirky sense of humor (because the exotic land from where I belong people crave for a good laugh every second day). I am a literature major, I have excellent command over the language and diction. I am not here to displease you. P.S. and about love, don't worry (I have my eyes on Mr. Perez Hilton) :P

  • cak258

    You would find me an ideal celebrity blogger because I do not hang out with Stephen Dorff. Stephen Dorff hangs out with me.

  • theblogness

    Well Celebville needs me since i am the women for the job lol Hot is what you want and that is what i got fyi the hottest biatch to hit the blog world not the honess but the blogness lol lmao It is time for me to shine and get the moola just choose me already ...... I am smart,funny,loves going ott and never miss any action so i am the one that will never be MIA blogness ... I can give PEREZ a run for his dough and can takes his job just like that ........ So Just give it to me What ya waiting btw dnt even read the other comments only waisting your prescious time .. Love Celebuzz since all my fav celebs use celebuzz. Kim,Khloe,Koutrnet,Kendra,Whitney love them all Come on please send me the date the time i am in it to win it LOL

  • lajaells

    Why do I want to be a celebrity blogger? This seems like a no brainer to me! Being paid to do something I enjoy would feel like winning the lottery. The mere fact that I came across this contest is proof enough that I indulge in celebrity gossip. I love knowing fun facts about America's Heroes (or maybe, a more accurate title would be America's Anti-Heroes) and am happier than a basket of puppies to enlighten an unknowing friend about the latest headline. Words fascinate me. I like saying things in a creative way, thus when putting something into written word I try my darnedest to use the wittiest phrasings I can think of. (Please note: I am more successful at this when I am not trying to sell myself to someone) My point is, if you choose me, even if given the dullest stories, instead of twisting the facts I will twist my words to bring in interest.

  • lourdes

    Dont act like a fan act like a star. Act and think as if you were one of them, thats the only way you can get to know them.

  • kerasawyer

    I like gossip and I really like money.

  • divasabrina

    well well well, what can i say? there is not a day that does not go by where celebrity gossip is not apart of my meal or simply a chance for me to get away and live vicariously through the ridiculous and fabulous lives of celebs. not only can i write, but observation is key to being a great celebrity blogger, which is something i possess. i believe paying attention to every little detail in a photo will take some meaningless photo of a famous celeb walking through the park to a scandalous rendezvous to visit an ex-lover. besides the necessary abilities of forming sentences and coherent statements i withhold in me the largest human database of celebrities of the past and present and with my physic abilities: the Future. I know every movie no matter if it bombed at the box office or if it garnered 5 Oscars and 2 Grammys. I watch , also every television program i can, what can i say i like to stay abreast to all interesting and boring entertainment out there. this curiosity to know all facets of the entertainment world helps me to tell a better and accurate story. And let me not forget about the music industry, because who can forget our favorite singers and rappers that make this industry just as wild and exciting as the rest. Being into music, myself, always keeps me on my toes to know who and what are doing this in the music world. I keep my eyes and ears always to the street looking for the up and coming artist that could change the game forever! OK! i am going to cut the crap for a second and say this: i just want to make fun of celebs and point out there horrible outfits because i get bored doing that with everyone i see on the street. Time to raise the stacks and get a lawsuit started from a false story! so pick me i am smart, funny, and in dire need for some one to pay my car note for a couple months!!!!

  • azelmer

    People are either interested or they aren't. They are either easygoing or they aren't. They are either writers or they aren't. I am a writer. It just comes natural. Maybe I should rephrase that-I am a writer, but my profession is not writing. I've always found myself with something to say, a message to send to anyone who was willing to listen so I started a personal blog not knowing how many people would actually be interested enough to follow it. I found out that the things I write are as much for the readers as for me. Getting my thoughts, opinions and ideas out there for the blog world to see is refreshing. Being a celebrity blogger would put my passion for words and my sometimes embarrassing interest in anything and everything celebs together to create what I would call an ideal job. I said I have a blog. I said I loved words. Those things are true; however, not all my entries are what one would consider "hard news." Actually, none of them are. I'm the girl who sends e-mails to my friends and sisters with the subject line, "Oh no she didn't!" and inside the e-mail, a picture of a celeb with a hideous new hair cut emerges. I can't help myself! I can't pry myself away from the "hot messes" of Hollywood or the websites that feature them. My "addiction" to knowing about all the celebs led me to twitter where I follow celebs and stories about them. To be the fingertips behind those stories would be ideal! Point blank.

  • cdstrode

    I should win because blogging combines 2 of my fav things [being nosey & celebs!!] I would be an awesome blogger because i have a daughter who loves celebs so if i needed any help i could ask her! It would be an awesome oppurtunity. I would just love to do this!!

  • madisonblue22

    Why? Because, I live online. I watch every talk show that's gonna spill gossip and I keep it going.(Wendy Williams, The Soup, Access Hollywood, Extra, E news, etc.) Whether they're facts or not who cares, as long as it's juicy it'll keep the celebrities name on the tip of everybody's tongue! This is the way I see it, if a celeb has no dirt on them it means no buzz and therefore leaving the world with nothing to talk about, that means no celebuzz. Looking for your guest blogger? She's right here...Me, Madison Blue! I can dig up some dirt on just about anyone as long as I have internet access. Definitely can find some juice on even the tightest raisin!

  • sumlil

    Being a celebrity blogger would be my ideal job because i have my own thoughts and opinion and I want to share them with everyone. Not just for good or bad but I like to make this a kinda funny too, plus I also love to know what all the celebrity are doing, not just one but all. And my blog will be full of information with fun sarcastic without offending anyone.What is very me the true the honest opinion without OFFENSE.

  • aleashiag

    Being a celebrity blogger is my ideal job! I already write a blog (, for free. So being someone with an ounce of sensibility, I understand that getting paid to do it would naturally be a major plus. Also, I've worked from home in the past, so I know the staples of appropriate "office" attire consist of housecoats and old-tees. How else would you dress when commenting and criticizing the stylings of the people we envy, despise and secretly revere? I'm neurotic, that doesn't normally fall under the "pros" column, but in the case of celebrity scrupling, obsession, perfectionism and being able to pinpoint minor details, aid in validating your opinion, information, point of view, etc. And let's face it, qualities like that help me relate to the manic and disturbed. *cough*Lohan Family*cough* Clearly winning this gig will bring some purpose to my life, or at the very least make great use of qualities I already possess. But mostly, being a celebrity blogger would really help validate my magazine whoredom and tendency to celebrity hoard. Even when bombarded with story lines I want nothing to do with, I can't help but absorb every irritating detail or Tiger's ferocious sex drive (See what I did there? Drive? Golf...driver? Tiger, they're ferocious! Get it?). Lastly, getting this opportunity will allow me to prove that Carrie Bradshaw isn't the only woman who can make sometimes clever, often cheesy puns.

  • taeshialynn

    I believe that, by becoming a Celebuzz Guest Blogger, it will open many great and exciting opportunities for me as a High School student. People picture Celebrity Bloggers as individuals who have already had all of their education, and as you have already mentioned, people who have also specialized in a degree of some sort. What better way to show the world that anything is possible, at anytime in your life, by letting an average High School student do something that nobody thought they could do? You see, the main reason why we have education is to learn and find ourselves so that we know what it is we want to do in the near future. I think that, if you give me this once in a lifetime opportunity to put my voice out there, it will expand my horizons and definitely give me something else to think about career wise. You never know if you might like something, unless you try it.

  • kimberlysweet

    Why do you think being a celebrity blogger would be your ideal job? Because of this all-important question... why shouldn't you get paid for partaking in a guilty pleasure? If you're witty and have the chops to write decently... don't ask yourself "why?" ask instead "why NOT??".

  • luikseer

    Here's my thing, Celebrities are regular people like you and me, they just have a cool job. And the fact that people are so obsessed over them is ridiculous. The only reason I visit most of these sights is because you can't find pics of you hot girls you know in bikini's or topless. But I have to say, a lot of these sights make fun of people, especially Celebuzz and The Superficial. And there is nothing I like more than making fun of stupid people. And a lot of celebs nowadays are truly imbecilic. (Octomom, LiLo, Gosselin, Sheen, Woods, etc. etc.) the list goes on and on. So I would like to be a guest blogger because I can spot a moron a mile away, and I've always been very outspoken about my opinions.

  • calmixx

    Two words baby. Erin Gray. That's right tough guys - make me your guest poster for a week because I have an actual connection to one of the most powerful talent agents in the business . . . Erin Gray. That's right kids - THE Erin Gray - Wilma Deering from Buck Rogers. ALSO from Silver Spoons where she played Kate Summers. (as if you needed me to tell you THAT!) Well I have her on my speed dial and all i gotta do is press GO for madcap celebrity hijinks. Imagine the crazy mad hits your site is going to get when I start feeding it the wild details as spoon (silver spoon) fed to me by TV's ERIN GRAY. You say the word, I make with the posting and BAMM - we'll create a new genre inside this blog-i-verse. The ERIN GRAY genre. ACT fast though . . . this offer won't last forever (as it turns out she tends to change her number pretty reguarly . . ) Come on Celebuzz - Choose ME. You won't be sorry. (And neither will ERIN GRAY!)

  • chaoss3

    Look, let's not cut corners here - I'm a stay-at-home-dad with an unhealthy addiction to the internet. That being said, I'm probably more informed about the world of celebrity and gossip than I have any right to be (just ask my wife...I could go on and on). Whether it's commenting on Mariah Carey's inevitable weight fluctuation and lack of appropriate fashion sense or the bizarre cult-like adoration that teenagers, young women and mildly inappropriately-aged older women have for the unwashed Robert Pattinson...I'm your man. I follow the comings and goings of the Jolie-Pitt brood with unhealthy abandon and, at forty-one years old, unfortunately have intimate knowledge of who Blake Lively is. I've seen Amy Winehouse at her worst and Lindsay Lohan at her best (did I just say that?), and all with a keen, yet pessimistic eye that filters through the fame to reveal the sad, lonely people we love to find ourselves obsessed with. Hell, how couldn't you be infatuated with any of them? They're delicious, beautiful wrecks. So, what do you say, Celebuzz? Let's give it a whirl and, I swear, I won't let you down. I love you...I mean it. P.S. If I'm not chosen, I'll first dismiss you, then stalk and maybe cut you. So choose wisely. Hugs and kisses.

  • sandyq030

    Even though I already have a very demanding job with long hours I would never ever be able to go to bed without checking "my standard internet portals" (celebuzz, twitter, justjared, eonline). It doesn't matter how late it is or whether I still have to write an article for my newspaper or if my boyfriend is waiting for our dinner date. Crazy you say? I just like to call it: dedicated! And that's how I would approach my work with you guys from celebuzz - I would be thrilled to be able to post blogs here. Oh, the best part is: Since I'm from Germany I'm a couple of hours ahead, so I'd like to think there's some stories I might know about a little earlier:) Have a celebtastic day, my friends!

  • spec

    Who else would start a blog with “Look what Paris Hilton’s Vagina is up to Now..” to explain what new trash bag she is dating? What other person could blog about the love between RPatz and KStew, even though the thought of it actually perplexes them? Where can you find someone who could simultaneously write about how Mary Kate Olsen dresses like she’s homeless, but is still sporting an amazing Yves Saint Laurent Hobo? When will you find someone else who can stay up to date on the trials and tribulations of Lindsay Lohan and her white trash parents Dina and Michael? Why would you not give the job to someone who not only knows about Kevin Jonas, Zac Efron, and Demi Lovato, but can also blog in length about Kevin Bacon, Zac Hanson, and Demi Moore? How many other entries have you read in their entirety that are as creative as this? Give the job to someone who can give you the who, what, where, when, why’s, and how’s, but can still hook, line, and sinker..

  • emilita926

    Here's a little about me: I'm a typical 18-24 year old with a hatred for Miley matched only by a love for AP Style. I love Glee, Twilight and Taylor Swift. Why would this be my ideal job? I have narrowed my reasons down to three: 1. I got my wit from Lorelai and my writing prowess from Rory. 2. I have more things to say than Bill Henrickson has family members/than Kim Kardashian has endorsements (I couldn't choose). 3. A current entertainment news production slave, I know the material like Diddy knows the bottom of a Ciroc bottle. Final plea: Please choose me! Kate Gosselin has long hair now - miracles can happen people!

  • polcheq

    Celebuzz blogging would be a great job for me because I love writing, english and letting people know what I think about random things. I'm only 14 years old, but English and writing in english was my passion since I was nine. I also know a lot about celebrity people and I'm not afraid to post things in a way they are. But the most important thing is to just have fun. That's what celebuzz is all about, right? So we should have fun in blogging to. And you'll get to know what are news in a way they are and fun!

  • shawnyp

    I believe the most important part of celebrity blogging is to focus on the juicy stuff. The meat and potatoes. Nobody cares about Britney Spears' new perfume. Let's talk about those dried out, raggedy, crispy, crunchy, on sale at KMart , dumpster, Alabama trash hair extensions!! Someone get that cow a wig - STAT! Millions of dollars and she drags herself around with Ethiopian horse hair glued to her head. For shame! Also, I think it's vital to be conscious of when topics have (or should have) died out. Take Jon Gosselin for example. Everybody say it with me...yesterday's news!! Unless he stabs Oprah or gets busted making out with Tiger Woods, I don't care. Let's keep people entertained! Blog posts that focus on celebrities should be uber-current, relevant, shocking, and wrought with comedy. They should be something that you get in trouble for at work because you couldn't help but send the link to all of your friends. Choose me and that is what I promise to deliver. I was born for this. Plus, I drink a lot and this is one of the few jobs where I think it would enhance my work performance. Your hopefully-soon-to-be-blogger, ShawnyP

  • carolburms

    Hi Celebuzz, I come from a small town in the very unglamorous island of Ireland. I am fascinated by the exctiment and glamour of Hollywood and the celebrities that live there. I am also intrigued by the celebrities who try so hard to fight of their celebrity status and try to live a normal live (even though it is vertually impossible) . I spend hours each day on this site and other sites like this one seeing what celebrities are doing and who they are doing it with (and silently passing judgement on them ;) ) I have done some work experience at a local newspaper writing a small celebrity column and at a local radio station co-presenting a radio programme talking about big celebrity news that week, although like I said before, I live in a small town where no-one really cares about Hollywood and the glitz and glamour that goes along with it so I already have some experience with writing about celebrity. I would be so grateful if you would give me this oppertunity as I someday hope to be a celebrity blogger and this would be a great experience and step closer to my dream job. Thank you for reading my comment.

  • jdmimi

    I am the person everyone turns to for the latest in celeb gossip and fashion.Seriously.I know more about Madonna's romances,the latest celeb divorces,hook-ups,arrests and births than the average person.I'm the ultimate "celeb-monger" and I love to give my opinion on all the crazy celeb gossip so for just $100 a day celebuzz will get a passionate opinionated writer who is obsessed with celeb culture!

  • viomega17

    Just leave me, E!, Celebuzz is where I'd rather be. Sorry, Larry King, beady eyed and hunchy went out last spring. See ya, Entertainment Tonight, John Tesh is all dog and no bite. Hasta la vista, In Touch, just not diggin' your Midasless feel that much. That's right, Oprah, you'd best retire because Celebuzz has got a new writer spot for hire. And you can shove it where the sun don't shine, Socialite Li... oh shiznit, it's an affiliate! Hypothetically speaking, my goal as a hypothetical celeblogger would be to tickle my readers to the point of disrupting their disgruntled little cubicle mates with piercing peels of laughter. But you know, just hypothetically. I would hope for my audience to be varied, vast and many. Ofcourse, I would have the courtesy to arrange for a warning message to pop up at all those poor, unsuspecting senior citizen subscribers (better make it bold face, 24pt for good measure) before they cast a weary eye upon to my celeblog. " A Kind Word of Caution to the Precipitate Prone Crone: Use of Depends Highly Advised Beyond this Point. Stay Dry rather than Wallow: Mild to Severe Laughter may follow" should suffice just nice. What's so special about Celebuzz? Well, ok, besides the most extensive collection of celebrity non-facial lip enhancement photos that is? The writing, ofcourse! It is so gosh darn cute, clever and funny we all wish we were the ones to have come up with it! Celeblogging at its best is when it can make even a hum-drum, yawn of a story into something funny. I am not interested in becoming a celeblogger for money or notoriety. I am interested in the creative challenge to find something humorous in the ordinary.

  • cak258

    I am your ideal celebrity blogger because I was an extra on the set of Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. Yes, I am an iguana.

  • lucie

    Being a celebrity blogger would be my ideal job because talking about celebrities is what i do every day. I tell all my friends and family every single gossip about any celebrity, even if they usually don't care. I could talk about famous people ALL the time, i always have something to say about them, about their work, their style or their relashionship.I think i know a lot of things about a lot of celebrities, i read celebrity blogs every single days to learn more and more about them. I like to share my opinions about famous couples and celebrities' fashion. It's something i do naturally, so i think it would be pretty awesome to be paid to do something i love and i do all the time. And it also would be great to talk about celebrities to people who really care about what i'm saying ^^

  • nicolledaniels

    Celebrity blogging would finally give me the chance to put so-far unuseful knowledge of everything pop culture to use. (Don't believe me, just quiz me!) Finally a job that allows me to combine my love of celebrities and writing!

  • melissa2287

    Why do you think being a celebrity blogger would be your ideal job? I love the world of celebrity. I follow that world every closely - doesn't matter what celebrity. I have that huge interest in it so it's not just some stupid topic that I have no knowledge on. I love writing and it's what I want to do with my life. I've got a few of my poems published so I know I'm a good writer and I would love to be given the chance to write about what I love, on a website that I go to daily.

  • carolinerhodes

    I live very far from where I want to be in the future. I'm inspired to be an actress. Even though that job is few months or years ahead, I'm living like I'm already in Hollywood. Everyday I check celebrity blogs to see what's going on in my future hood. I don't have too many friends. I guess, it is because I jugde too much. I laugh at people, who look or talk silly. I don't always know, when to stop. My friends know that whatever the truth is, I will say it to them right away. I still don't know, why they stick with me. When it comes to celebrities I can be very tolerate. It's not like I'm forgiving them anything they do, but sometimes what they do is the price of their fame. I am the type of person that would give Britney a good word when she was down and swear to Kanye after last year's VMA's. I was writing a blog for few years, but I gave up last year, when it was taking over. You can check out my Twitter (RhodesCarol). That is a piece of how I write. Nothing special. Who can say everything that he means in 140 characters? I can't. I've never thought of being a journalist, but when I sit in front of my copmuter with my hands on the keyboard, words just come out. Give me a shot. Try me! I'm entering this contest to get money, but at the end of this comment I think that it would be fun and an honor to write for Celebuzz. You're big and you could be my big opportunity. I could go on writing like this, but I have to go to school. I am really hoping to hear from you, when the ontest is over. When I don't, I will be alright. Regards from PL, Europe Caroline Rhodes

  • jennifervaz

    I think I deserve to be a guest blogger for celebuzz because I'm great at it! I'm not going to pretend that the money wouldn't be nice, but in all honesty, I love to blog, and I love to blog about celebs! I'm a recent college graduate with a major in Communications. What do I do for a living? I currently work at a daycare. Want to talk about hell? Let me introduce you to 7 or more infants to care for on a daily basis. But let's get down to the good stuff. I'm perfect for this. I've already created my own blog.( ) I've scarcely blogged since my graduation but as a New Year's resolution have started blogging again. What appropriate timing! On my blog site: , you'll find that I can be witty and quite clever, all while devoting my words to celebrity news. I can't think of anyone more suited for this job. I regularly visit 10+ celebrity gossip sites daily and let it all sink in. It's part of who I am and I can't deny it, nor do I want to. LET ME BLOG FOR YOU! I'LL EVEN DO IT FOR FREE! Most Devoted, Jennifer Vaz Email: Blog: Pick me!

  • sotwired

    How could being a celebrity blogger not be the most kick a** job ever? Hello? I'd have the opportunity to write about (make fun of) people that make my yearly income with one casual flick of the wrist. I believe that I am witty, sarcastic and blunt...without being too over-the-top. I have mad researching skills, and know my way around the internet, possibly because I spend a considerable amount of free time perusing sites such as this. I know I'd make you proud Socialite Life. Cheers!

  • Nai Saetern
    Nai Saetern

    Suri Cruise was born to be a little fashionista, and I was born to admire her as she controls all things in the Holmes-Cruise household. That's a bit exaggerated, but who haven't fibbed a little here and there to get something?! I just don't go shouting it out to the world as Kanye did when he wanted Beyonce to win rather than Taylor during Taylor's BIG moment. Kanye just ended his career at that moment--right? Right. I'm an ideal candidate because I will not behave as Kanye did, nor will I behave as the Jackson family (using Micheal's death to resurrect their fame as if no one can see what they're doing). However, I don't find any shame in writing and smacking talking about them because they're celebrities and who doesn't gossip about celebrities? It's a guilty pleasure of all, whether you follow celebrity news or not--and yes it's NEWS! Bring me as your guest, and I will bring you seven days of celebrity-gossiping cup of joe.

  • Arian Aliu
    Arian Aliu

    Why do you think being a celebrity blogger would be your ideal job? Celebrity blogger would be my ideal job because I'm obsessed with celebrities, what the do, how they spend their day, what they eat, even when they pee. Seriously I'm like a cyber-stalker... I believe I have a great grammar. Plus these spell corrections are helping my out (thank you my little workers). Read the web-sites style maybe I won't fit very well, but hey if you want a change for those 7 posts I can help you. Plus those 700 $ will come in use for this college student. Have a mercy for Gods sake! Well hope you read the whole comment and I didn't bore you with it. Hope you find the perfect human for this. Or alien, fine by me.

  • tnnguyen

    Why would being a celebrity blogger be my ideal job? It's quite simple. The lives of the celebrities are intriguing to me. I just turned 18 years old and yet the first thing I do when I get home from school is check celebrity blogs. Being a celebrity blogger is an ideal job for me because I love observing the lives of the rich and famous. The lives of the celebrities allow me to temporarily escape mine. Their lives can be glamorous or be filled with scandal. Whatever the situation I love talking about it. I live in a boring community in California and whenever I am able to go to the well known places I secretly hope to run into a celebrity just so I can talk about it. Blogging about celebrities is ideal for me because it wouldn't be just another way to get money but rather something I know I would enjoy. The lives of celebrities are random so I know there is no way to be able to tell what I will be writing the next day. I think its one of the best parts next to being able to get the news about celebrities that it.

  • Jess

    easy... because my life is Sh..., ....and Im a talent girl.! But Im not from "HERE" to be or not to be, Hamlet

  • Jen

    This would be my ideal job because I would ROCK. My writing is super-witty, I'm FAMEOBSESSED, and I know absolutely everything that's going on in the industry. I also have many famous friends and know the inside scoop ;) The end. That is all. Pick me and you won't be let down.

  • Jagsfanmandy

    Being a celebrity blogger would be my ideal job because I am an expert in celebrity blogs! I am 29 years old, and have still not figured out what I want to be when I grow up. All the sudden I can see the leaves on the trees. Pick me! I have loved this site since I read my first J Harvey post. I also obsessively visit Dlisted, The Superficial, and I Don't Like You In That Way. I have endured so much ridicule from various boyfriends over the years because of my gossip habit. Maybe I can have the last laugh. My other qualifications would include the ability to make fun of celebrities as well as myself, to reference randon bits of pop culture, and to cover all things Britney. And yes, I put those qualities on my real resume.

  • samtastic

    I need a creative outlet for my sarcasm. A "safe place" to unleash my comments away from my poor friends and family, who usually suffer the brunt of it. Of course I offer more than mer sarcasm, I have wit and charm as well, both qualities clearly visible through text. With english being my first language, rest assure I can spot the difference between "your" and "you're", which coincidently also makes me a formidable scrabble opponent. Yes, the money would be nice since I am a wanna be college student ( I can't live on Ramen noodles, I have a wheat allergy. My food is expensive!), but I would do this for free because I, like most people, lie awake at night pondering lifes hard questions like, "What came first Rihanna or her forehead?" or " Gerard Butler was so hot, why does he now look like the guy who ate Gerard Butler?". These things make me sad. I dont want to be sad anymore. I want to share these things with the world. I want to be a Celebrity Blogger! (*pause for dramatic effect*) Thank you for considering me

  • Jessi

    Being a celebrity blogger would be one job that would be the most adventurous, and entertaining jobs I could ever have the opportunity to hold. I've been reading Pink Is The New Blog on a daily basis for almost 5 years now, and I've added to my daily reading list over time to include Celebuzz and Go Fug Yourself. The various authors who run these blogs are full of such wit and charm that makes an aspiring writer like myself dream about possibilities of being just as witty as my heroes to the star-studded boys and girls who are celebrities. People read celebrity blogs to escape from the grind of everyday life, to entertain the possibilities of living the glamorous lifestyle. I love to tell stories, and blogging about the stories of famous men and women would be the ultimate story telling experience to participate in.

  • Daniel Dalman
    Daniel Dalman

    Everyday when I wake up the first thing I do is check Celebuzz. Actually- I first get out of bed and then I check Celebuzz. No..wait... first I get out of bed, and then I do a little stretching, and then I check Celebuzz. Well, sometimes I eat a little breakfast first, or maybe I take a shower, but the point is, as far removed as the people featured on this website are from my day to day life, they are a part of my morning routine. And I don't think I am the only one to feel that way. I understand that what the bloggers at Celebuzz do everyday is make the information that I see on my screen every morning (or mid afternoon) a need to know experience. Because I understand the vitality, reality, and crack-like addictive-ness of the information (and also the importance of sucking up to win contests) I think I would make a brilliant guest blogger for Celebuzz. Other evidence: 1) I know famous people's names, even if I have never even heard of anything they have ever done. 2) I have low self esteem, so I can make fun of other people quite easily. I do it anyways, why not be paid for it, right? 3) I am hella- good at 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. 4) I can write things longer than 140 characters.

  • Shells

    I would be the perfect guest blogger not only because it would be something fun for me to do, but also because, I am always in peoples business, and getting the opportunity to be in a celebrities business would be just as great!! Anything from their fashion sense to who their dating is good business to be in and of course getting paid to blog about celebrities lives would be so exciting and just a great experience all around, and also beneficial to my bank account because i dont have a job at the moment!:(

  • Joanna

    Why do you think being a celebrity blogger would be your ideal job? What can I say? "If you don't have anything nice to say; come sit by me" sounds about right.Although I by no means limit myself to snarky comments as I can also dole out compliments with the best of them. I have always had a passion for fashion and I think this could be our moment! What I lack in experience I make up for in enthusiasm.From Jennifer to Cameron to Daniel Day I wont disappoint you!

  • jcarlisle729

    Being a celebrity blogger is the exact job I've been trying to pin down for a while now. Apparently, it's harder than it looks. I have lots of blogging experience, which is about the equivalent of saying that I have a lot of experience in searching on Google. The difference is, I've been published by others, and paid for it. The only problem is, my blogging has been about video games. While that's not exactly boring, it's not what I'm most interested in. I keep up with celebrity news more than I care to admit to those who actually know me, and cannot help but make snarky comments, even when nobody is around to hear them. If I could combine my writing with a subject that interests me (e.g. anything covered on this site), my life would be very nearly complete. That's the second-to-last entry on my lifetime "to-do" list, and since I don't think I have much of a chance of becoming one of Tiger's mistresses, this is the only one I have a real shot at! Choose me, and it'll be the best thing to happen to the internet since Kim Kardashians' Halloween costume.

  • SamGC

    It seems like such an easy question, yet the answer is so difficult to formulate. I could say that I would love this position because I wake each morning and scour the internet for saucy posts on my fav celebs, or that the idea of having my name splashed across a 'celebuzz post' makes me shiver. However, I think it would be easier to say, "well dah," of course I want this, look how many other posts there are!

  • Glory E
    Glory E

    Candid cameras always make my head turn. Paparazzi frenzies tend to catch my eye. Oh, I almost forgot the best and worst bikini bodies of the year are some of my favorite posts. There is nothing like a “who wore it best?” competition on some of the most renowned blogs. I always wondered what it would be like to get a chance at stirring up some celebroversy and playing in to the celebrity poker cards that I call life. Being the blog lover that I am it is only natural that I get my daily dose of celebrity madness day in and day out. I think that being a celebrity blogger would be my ideal job because I am in tune with the celebosphere.

  • Tricia Bell
    Tricia Bell

    I feel like id be a great guest blogger cause I'm funny and also brutally honest. I say what needs to be said but I do try to throw a twist of humor into it. I have very strong opinion and I say them even if people don't want to hear it. I very curious and kinda nosy plus I sit at home on the computer every night so why not make some money from it. I also have ways of finding things out and weaseling things out of people so with all that said if you dont pick me well then that sucks and thanks anyway for the chance.

  • kelly0eminemfan

    If you hire me as a guest blogger you'll get the following:1) Photos of Khloe Kardashian's penis (I have sources)2) Vomit on your keyboard as a result of #1Thank you and have a great day. hey see if ur sorces can get the new mrs jonas's penis too cuz thts the real story here everyone already knows about khloes

  • Bridgette Coopman
    Bridgette Coopman

    Alright im going to give it to you straight Celebuzz, Im six-teen years old and yeah im low on the mula ,which is very desirable in my situation.Just the thought of winning something like this makes me want to drool on the keyboard (and also the thought of mexican food too but you get it.) Im also a very quiet person who thinks too much and it would be nice to let out some of my creativity. Dont get me wrong im not a "Silent John" and I certainly don't take off my shoes in class.... haha like that weird girl in my Ap world history class! Im pretty smart though and have had a lot of experience with writing ( not as much as one of your currently employed writers, but good enough to shovel out some juicy details on the A' listers! ) My favorite celeb gossip right now is mostly about Taylor Lautner and I've noticed that Celebuzz needs a little more of him ( if you know what I mean...wink ,wink!!! ) Sorry that was not supposed to sound naughty in any way, shape or form but I could'nt help myself. Anyways I at least had to try to win this amazing contest! WiTh LoVe, Bridgette :) (cheesy smile)

  • Magda

    I have never taken any particular interests in blogs before in my life. Until i created my first blog. Whether you're feeling, down or ecstatic, blogs are an ideal source to get those bottled feelings out. Maybe even therapeutic. Blogs allow you to have the freedom to say anything u wish to and let others bond with you over experiences, passions, whatever it may be. With all due respect, this position would fit me perfectly. Whether its just ranting about your day or whether its blogging about celebrities, it's always been my passion to do this. Celebuzz offers me a chance to express my thoughts and feelings through commenting on the articles and/or blogs. Recieving this opportunity to be a blogger would be a step closer to my journalistic dreams.

  • Kayla

    Why do I think being a celebrity blogger would be my ideal job? Well, I read celebrity news websites everyday, even though my dad tells me to stay off of them! I guess you could say I'm obsessed with celebrities! Also, I would pick having a job as a celebrity blogger over almost all the other jobs out there. I wouldn't want a boring job, such as working at Subway or McDonalds. I want to have a job that is entertaining.

  • Arielle Laner
    Arielle Laner

    I love celebrity gossip. I never miss a day where I don't read several gossip blogs. Plus, I am very tech-savvy and I love to write. I think I would be an excellent celebrity guest blogger.

  • celebcynic

    Look, I could go on and on and ON AND ON about my stunning blog qualifications like all the other "applicants" posting on here too, but I'm above that. I first dropped out of clown college at age nineteen to write my two hundred and forty page screenplay entitled "Flapjack Fever". Now I run my Twilight fansite full-time while living in my mom's basement. Is that not the perfect setup? This does however take away from my more productive hobbies, such as drinking and shooting guns, but I still get seven kinds of laid. I like to think of myself as a non achieving genius. But seriously ... why would moonlighting as a celebrity blogger be my ideal job? Because it's fun to ridicule the obscenely rich La La Land celebs who think they're the cat's pajamas! Plus the extra cash can help pay my way through astronaut school. So if you are in agreement slap me five (and the job)!

  • noah

    If you hire me as a guest blogger you'll get the following: 1) Photos of Khloe Kardashian's penis (I have sources) 2) Vomit on your keyboard as a result of #1 Thank you and have a great day.

  • Shaina

    I've been told I know way too many facts about pop culture. Heck, if people need to confirm gossip among stars they ask me! Well, maybe I do spend a little too much time on gossip sites, either way I enjoy how I spend my time. I think this would be an honor.. no scratch that! I know it would be an honor because this is my dream job. Writing about other peoples lives is fascinating and something I truly want to do. Not to toot my own horn but I'm also a pretty good writer and a grammar freak. I've been told my text messages are "too fancy". So Celebuzz, meet your new week blogger. Oh, and also when it comes to the Disney or young actors realm I kick gluteus maximus. Okay, time for Just Jared Junior time also known as my second online home.

  • cak258

    I would make an excellent celebrity blogger because after I had sex with Dina Lohan, Bill Pullman jumped out of her vagina and yelled, "May the Schwartz be with you!" How many people has that happened to?

  • EC

    just check out my blog

  • loisvogue

    Being a celebrity blogger is my ideal job because verbal diarrhea is my forte. I'm not afraid to take risks with what I say (mainly because you can't see me through a computer screen) and more importantly I can be witty and clever. Besides the fact that almost every (important) celebrity blogging site (such as are easily accessible from my favourites menu, I find myself to become completely captivated by mostly everything posted. Most importantly, unlike some people, I can admit that I take celebrities lives to be much more interesting then my own. Therefore, being much more worthy to be written about. I am also very aware of the fact that - even though celebrities "hate" the paparazzi - they google their names frequently in search of some inner warm and fuzzy feelings about how much people love them. If you give me a chance to be your celebrity blogger, you won't regret it. And neither will they.

  • lmjimenez

    Are you kidding me? Is this a joke? The tidbits and mountains of pop culture and celebrity in music, television, movies - it all sticks in my head. Why just the other day watching Drumline I mused to myself how much I enjoyed Orlando Jones in those 7-UP commercials. "Jolie" is actually Angelina's middle name. Pat Benatar married her guitarist. One of Matthew McConnaughey's first movies also co-starred Renee Zellwegger in an awful revival of the Texas Chainsaw series. Milla Jovovich had a fleeting singing career and made a minor hit with The Gentleman Who Fell. I can do this all day long, and I could do it as an employee of Celebuzz. Now seriously folks, I know everything about pop culture and my wit is "wicked shahp." These gifts I have are but a mystery of life. Don't believe me? Follow me on Twitter @lolatonga.

  • Miah Westley
    Miah Westley

    being a celeb blogger would be my ideal job because I eat sleep, live and breathe hollywood. I already go to various award shows and functions and I already have some famous peeps like Perez & Paris in my blackberry. I live a crazy life and the things I see in hollywood need to be chronicled!

  • Karina Kogan
    Karina Kogan

    pick me. oh come one. pick me!!! hurry pick me. im perfect.

  • Lacey Moore
    Lacey Moore

    I would be perfect for this because: A) I'm funny B) I use proper grammar and punctuation C) If I don't know the answer, I'll google/wiki it (the source of all concrete facts) and D)I know when to keep it short and not go on and on and on...

  • themaykazine

    I got my job in fashion blogging through Twitter. A rapper's mother loved me so much she showed me her cancer scars. And I'm not overly verbose. You want someone with connections, a hefty web presence, energetic voice, and adherence to deadlines to boot? Look no further for the girl behind all o' this:

  • Jordan LaRae
    Jordan LaRae

    As shameful as others may come to find, i willingly admit that i eat sleep and breathe celebrity gossip. Probably an unhealthy obsession but it is not going away any time soon and so i continue to embrace this way of life and would love to help other people get their every day fix of their similar guilty pleasures as well. The first thing i do everyday (well after i convince myself to get up and make coffee) is spend about 30 minutes to an hour checking the new daily news in the celebrity world. It's ritualistic to me and if i don't allow myself enough time to do so before i take on my other daily activities it just doesn't feel right. Also i love talking talking and talking about celebrities. However it sometimes feels like a one-sided conversation, as most of my friends or family either a. do not know anything about jake and reese's break up and aren't still mourning over it b. think that miley cyrus is a good influence on children or c. don't give a damn. It's frustrating. If i could write or "talk" to others that have my same guilty pleasure than i would be in a happy place. I know i would be an amazing celebrity blogger because the need i have to find out the news myself. I'm almost always the first one of my friends who knows the latest tidbits and they always come to me to confirm any reports they may have heard to see if i had heard them as well. Not only am i quick to know the gossip, i also love weighing in on how truthful some things are, and even how ridiculous certain celebrities present themselves. For example i can never rid of my disgust for Miley Cyrus and the hilarity of her "twitter-free" life is still beyond me. Or Stephanie Pratt and her ongoing pictures of feeding the homeless and such. If someone told me that puffy-lipped Pratt would be the one to make this world a better place i would be afraid for today's society. However there are many who i adore and love, would die to be their little best friend and we would play at the park and everything. No, but seriously some celebrities, while they do trip and fall in the puddle a time or two and make complete asses of themselves, i still love them like my own kin and like to give them the benefit of the doubt. Still trying to remember they are human.... However when the likes of Speidi come around the corner, no forgiveness there. They are not human. Just robots. Way to go Al Roker. I speak and write in a language of sarcasm and as others may have a hard time understanding, most people find it quite humorous and I'm still trying to figure out why. I think It's just me being a bitch, but oh well. The best part for me visiting celebrity blogs is the fashion. I love love love seeing the different clothes and styles that celebrities carry out and it is sometimes the most intriguing part that i long to be apart of every day. One of my dream jobs, besides sitting on my bum all day and writing about those i adore and dislike, is the be a famous stylist. I just love absorbing the different things i see on my favorite celebs to get every day ideas just for myself until i can get paid for it.. ha. I would be the happiest person alive, (not that you care about my happiness), to be a guest blogger for celebuzz. Sure the money is alright... okay it's amazing, but the fact that I'd get the chance to put my name out there doing what i love ( talking about the ridiculous and glamorous lives of celebrities) my life would be that much closer to being complete. I don't half ass things, i do them to the fullest so i would definitely not take this opportunity for granted and do my best at feeding the starved gossip readers out there. not sure if it worked the first time

  • pinksugar

    Type youA blogger is the “new” Anthropologist. You are documenting the values, habits, and mating rituals of the members from various subcultures (Movies, Television, Music, and Fashion) that define 21st century Pop culture. What music magazine did in the 20th century is being people together over a common interest a band/singer (Elvis, The Beatles, etc). Blogging does on a global level with a more diversify audiencer comment here.

  • Annie

    Being a celebrity blogger would be my ideal job simply because I can not get enough of the latest celebrity buzz. I always know something that's going on in La La land. I check up on the latest news almost constantly. I already have blogging experience due to blogging the main page for the most popular Avril Lavigne fan site. I love to report the latest and greatest with a touch of respectfulness and professionalism.

  • christinecma

    A celebrity blogger would be the best job ever! I am unemployed and searching for a job. While I am not looking for a job I am surfing the internet looking for celeb news. Where is R-patz and K-stew? I love to talk and gossip with others. I have recently started my own blog about things that tick you off.. Digging for dirt and posting my opinion would be the ultimate best job. Most of the time no one wants to listen to all the silly facts that I find on the internet. Writing is something I always wanted to do but never found time. Now, that time is finally on my side I would love to make a career out of it. Having fun, making money, and gossip are some of my favorite things to do. Pick me and you won’t be sorry...Read my blog for free laughs!

  • Ashley

    Being a Celebuzz blogger would be ideal for me, because im always on the computer and im always on Celebuzz and/or Perez Hilton. I LOVE hearing about the Celebs and there makes ups, mess ups, and break ups. I dont mind being nosey because i honestly think its in my DNA to be that way. I love fashion. I love seeing how people choice to act in their relationships and i love hearing about their scandals in my mind, the bigger the scandal the more they need to be blogged about so EVERYONE can hear about it! I would love writting about some nosey rude Celeb getting to boot or a nice one actually doing something to help the world. Being a journalist would be one of my ideal jobs and this would really help me to start! Either way Celebuzz thank you so much for the opportunity for this!

  • babyjane

    I both want and need this job. I want it because dissecting celebrities comings and goings, mostly shortcomings, is sadly, or pathetically, my biggest vice. I need it because I am a current grad student whose dreams of a six figure salary - allowing me the opportunity to live like a celeb (as I deserve and which would only be right) - are still far from being a reality, a fact which I am reminded daily by creditors calling and my inability to support my gossip magazine habit. My ability to provide witty and acerbic reporting of everything from the latest Lindsay Lohan burglary to the ridiculous inappropriateness of condolence tweets means that also wants and needs me to be its newest celebrity blogger. I truly believe that I am meant to comment on the sheer absurdity of the fact that Tiger Woods was so desperate for sex that he sought out a waitress at a Perkins restaurant in Orlando to get it - if that's not a clear sign of sex addiction, I'm not sure that the disorder actually exists., help me, help you.

  • roeschs3

    Being a celebrity blogger would be my ideal job because, I love to write, I have a love for celebrity gossip, and fashion. I have always been told that I am witty, sarcastic as hell, and have a natural ability to make things sound more interesting than they really are. I can take a story about a broken shoelace, and make it sound like it was the most tragic story since the Titanic. Let's face it, celebrity gossip IS important though. My normal 9-5 job is at a radio station doing promotions. At year's end, we were asked to do a "Top Ten" for the blog. Mine was the highest viewed and highest rated entry. Comments were lit up like the 4th of July, full of laughter (in the form of lol's), and agreement. I always wanted to try somethng like this and I feel I would contribute a lot, as well as learn a lot. Hope you consider me!!!!!!! Thank You!

  • eva

    Why i would really want to get this job?!? Who is so stupid to don't want to become a 7 days journalist in your blog...???!!!!??? Ok, i am kidding...... Let's start a serious conversation.....: Well actually i don't see it as an ordinary job, but as a hobby that i always catch up with in my free time.... I love celebrities and i am daily updated with the latest news of their world.... Except those, i believe that it would be an absolutely interesting thing to hear -basically read- the opinion of a 18-years old girl about what is going on in the glamourous world of the jet setters..... To sum up, i have a lot to say, write and share .... However, whether i win or lose, this is the best opportunity that a blog has ever gave to its readers......

  • header

    Why do you think being a celebrity blogger would be your ideal job? Sometimes I need an escape from my either boring day at the office or my drama filled life and where better to go Most people would agree that the only reason they come to these sites is for the gossip and to feel like their lives may not be as bad as they thought. I mean how many peoples lives are more drama filled than that of Tila's and LiLo's. I enjoy the cynical comments of the journalists and bloggers and feel some of my fellow bloggers would like a little variety in the blogs. I am the woman for the job. Let me escape into your world Celebuzz..if only for 7 days.

  • lithium

    Why should I be a guest blogger? Not only am I a stay at home mother who surfs the web for hours on end daily instead of doing housework, but I run several fansites on people. I think one of the most important qualities to being a celeb blogger is the ability to knock everyone if they deserve it and let's face it, some celebs just plain deserve it. You also have to have the ability to knock even the celebs you love. Let's face it. If Bill Kaulitz were to look like an idiot or do something stupid, I could mock him. You have to have a sense of humor. Am I the best with spelling and grammar? Hell no, but that's what having someone look over your stuff and make sure things are at least decent. I love writing about celebrities. I love looking for news and most of all I love mocking the Twilight fandom and their craziness and obsessions over people like Robert Pattinson (Let's face it not everyone is going to love him alright?) I'm dedicated, a hard worker and I don't take crap from anyone. I'm not scared to give my opinions on anything and everything which often leads me to getting called the mini Perez Hilton (a title that I really don't care for but whatever - he has his moments) Let me also mention, $700 would certainly help pay the bills and put food on the table for the kid.

  • kayla09

    Journalism is inquiry; the struggle to understand and take action effectively to public issues. It’s a fundamentally a democratic art, a way a free society engages in conversation with itself. I’am focusing in earning a B.A in Journalism and then transferring to American University in D.C to earn my master’s degree in journalism, I would like to someday be anchor at Load Media as well as an Entertainment Journalist I think I have what it takes to take this position I ‘am genuine, hard worker, Confident, Open Minded, Creative. One of the person in this industry I look up to is Giuliana Rancic hopefully one day I can see reach out like her

  • lynzeelee

    I'll make this short and sweet; I love to write, and I'm OBSESSED with celebrities. I used to take journalism classes, I love to read, and hmmm.....what else??? Oh yeah, I'm OBSESSED with celebrities (like I said in my first sentence, lol)!!!! You all know what to do....EMAIL ME with the words; "YOU HAVE WON!"

  • alizw

    As a college girl in a town far to small to hold all my ambition, I seek the glamor and glitz that Celebuzz offers on a daily basis. I am a senior Journalism student, who simply cannot write one more article about the only business my tiny college town has to offer - a slaughter house nestled in the frozen wastelands of the Colorado plains. After spending a rousing and mentally stimulating day attempting to put a fresh spin on the new smells coming from the town's only economic stimulator, I escape to celebrity gossip. I envy the bloggers who have the opportunity to write about glitz, glamor, break ups, make ups, DUIs, and the wildest party girls in the western hemisphere. As I sit in my small, cold, smelly, shag carpeted studio apartment in my small, cold, smelly, Colorado town I escape to Hollywood through blogs. I fuel my ambition of reporting and dissecting cultural affairs by reading about the most relevant cultural affairs America has today - the lives of celebrities. Celebrity blogs truly are the most elegant and glamorous part of my daily life, all waiting for me on the other side of my computer screen. I spend my days silently judging, dissecting, and evaluating everyone in my life. From my classmates, to those I pass on the street, and sometimes even my friends. From their fashion choices, their relationships, and their scandals - I have a lot to say. I have even more to say about strangers, especially those whose pictures and life stories I have access to on a daily basis through celebrity blogs. Celebuzz, please give me a opportunity to feed my journalistic ambitions and an outlet to share my opinions!

  • zimm

    Celebrity blogging--glitz, glamour, and the ability to make fun of others who look better naked than you do. (With the exception of Gerald Butler: The 2010 Edition. Finally, a win for the pudgy people). What more could a person want from a job? Oh yes, money. I'm a poor, starving, college student whose diet of Cup-o-Noodles and canned pineapple juice cannot possibly sustain her much longer. But besides the obvious (glitz and the desire for perishable food items), celebrity blogging is the ideal job for me. An avid connoisseur of all things celebrity, I am well-educated in the field of pop culture holding a degree in Hollywood Hook-Up Identification, with a minor in Break-Up Prediction. I also took a few classes in "How-to-get-out-of-your-car-in-a-dress-and-keep-your-lady-bits-hidden." I hope that my experience, as well as my ability to string together coherent sentences with proper syntax, will help to set me apart from other applicants. I like celebrities, I like money, I really like Taylor Swift, and I like the idea of blogging for Celebuzz.

  • xjoliexgreenx

    Celebrities, is always my favorite topic, I know all their names and a little, and sometimes a lot, about each and every famous person. They are all interesting in their own way, and if I was a celebrity blogger, of course I would only talk about the most interesting and entertaining celeb news. That's because, that's what I want to know and I know that's what people want to read about, I think I'd know just the thing to say. I personally love criticizing celebs when they deserve it, so I would like to include that in my writing. News have to be served spicy and sometimes funny I don't want to talk about Nicole Kidman singing in Nine, let's find out who's the next Tiger Woods.

  • caitd

    How could a compulsive blog-hopper, such as myself, not find a guest spot in the celebrity blogging world to be ideal? How could a college student not find $700 incredibly motivating? Since I already answered the topic with those illuminating questions, I should explain why I obsessively break away from my reality and indulge in the irrelevant but mystifying lives of celebutantes. Why would anyone take time out of their short life span to watch the rise, demise, sometimes adorable but mostly bizarre antics of rich people? Easy, observing the lives of others never ceases being entertaining. We people watch all the time at school, in the office, and at the grocery store, but when a person's offbeat life is actually documented, it fills readers' souls with more joy than a kid with a new Hannah Montana wig on Christmas. It would be an honor to feed the addiction of bloodthirsty blog-surfers and give the people what they want, like Robert Pattinson (yum)! Pick me so I can pick apart "entitled" celebrities!

  • tatts09

    sarcastic? love the world of entertainment? love to comment on people's clothes? love to put down mentally or fashionably challenged celebrities? have perez hilton as an idol? Well,yes..I'm all of the above..I've all the time in the world to write about Whiney Assed Celebrities making complete fools of themselves..Celebrities who can't tell the difference between roadkill and a dress..Pick me Celebuzz...And i'll do you proud..Yes,i'm that good

  • ericvan

    Celebuzz blogging would be my ideal job. Why? Well, that's easy, I found myself at the same time, everyday on this site, using and I am just like everyone else that are curious on what the celebrities are doing. Whether it is their success, their work, their mistakes, we (the fans) want to see how they handle their situations living their life on the spotlight. It's is also funny how some of the audience we see aren't just the good fans, they are the anti-fans. The good fans are like the ones crazy about Twilight's prefect pair Robsten. But the anti-fans were the ones crazy about Jon & Kate Gosselin and Tiger Woods. It is very entertaining. So I wouldn't mind spreading the news or dirt about celebrities, in the end that's all what we want to hear. Eric

  • theevilblonde

    I'm a sarcastic, easily-entertained fashion design major, so being a celebrity blogger would allow me to continue in my lifestyle of snarky comments, people watching & judging clothing choices. Basically what I do now, but it would be paid for.

  • sarahs

    Celebrity drives business and entertainment around the world and should be covered. What gets covered is another story, but blogging is one of the best ways to connect with people about topics they care about. The opportunity to blog about something you're currently reading makes it all the more interesting. And to be able to contribute to a canon of celebrity news for all posterity...well, it just doesn't get much better than that :)

  • hairypitts

    You'd think the chance to get paid to be a celebuzzard would elicit a more wild response. Anyhoo, I live in a glass house that you luckily can't see from the web. And from the anonymity afforded me by my lovely abode, I'd love the chance to throw some rocks at people who get paid a ton of money for being beautiful. Heck, I would and do sometimes do that for a chance to make some celebuzzbucks for doing it sounds just rad. My previous experience includes scrolling through tons of online celebrities albums (almost all of them on this site, of course) and thinking up catchy phrases that either commend that person's (or people's) hotness or lance them for not being better dressed/fitter/sexier despite all their millions. Oh, and I also consume a solid amount of celebrity news with all my square meals, and my phone ring tone is the "Entertainment Tonight" theme song. It would be the Celebuzz theme song, but you don't have one. Speaking of which, you should change that.

  • Jae

    Being a celebrity blogger would be my ideal job because I'm naturally nosey. I want to know the comings and goings of a celebrity. Also, what they're wearing is just as important while all the scandalousness is taking place. Whether they're fashionably late, or just a fashion fail. I'm on it!