Gerard Butler Put On A Few Holiday Pounds Just Like the Rest of Us (PHOTOS)

Let's face it: Most of us spent the past two weeks or so planted on our couches, mainlining Christmas cookies and booze-soaked egg nog like the world was about to end, and we came back to our normal lives today a few pounds heavier for having done so. No bigs. New year's fatness is part of what the holidays are about, and celebrities certainly aren't exempt.

So keep all that in mind as you take a gander at these new pictures of Gerard Butler, looking like he's several plates of Christmas dinner away from the adonis-like Spartan physique he flustered you with back in 300. Looks like someone's New Year's resolution will be to attack the gym like it's Xerxes' invading Persian horde.

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  • barbara camilleri
    barbara camilleri

    doesant matter if he has put on weight,, hes still a hunk to me,, his fat can say hi to my fat at any time no problem

  • joysy1015

    .I do believe everyone agree's with Melanie.. What you gonna say when he's 85 Oh look at Gerry Butler, he's OLD.. We Americans really should be ashamed of the "everybody MUST be perfect and look like they are 15" all the time attitude.. Why did we love him in the Phantom, because he was handsome, or so much more!!! Yea get a life people.. PS I We LOVE YOU! ;-)

  • Amie-Lynn

    It don't matter what you gain in weight because ur fans will always love you. Weight is easy to lose but the HOT stays with you always. Keep makin ur great movies. I look forward to seeing you in something new. Ur voice makes my mind a blurr. From one of many many fans.

  • Judith Janoras
    Judith Janoras

    Love this guy! Even with 300 more pounds!

  • scots

    good ol' G'Buz lost weight mate, haha. ...and ppl are always sayn "i wish i were famous" but would u wana get treated like this - a few pics letting the whole world no your've gained a bit of weight haha honestly who gives a fu''k

  • US

    Always hot!!!! Glad he lets himself have fun & be normal.

  • sally hansen
    sally hansen

    Most men would love to look like Gerard Butler even when he puts on a few pounds. He is still the handsomest man on this planet.He has the most beautiful face of all the leading men there has ever been in hollywood. He can always lose weights,but who cares? He is still beautiful.

  • Dee

    He is still HOT! I hope he had a great holiday full of food, fun and lots of lovin'.....

  • Melanie

    Wow. It's pathetic that the paps have nothing better to do than hound a person when they're trying to vacation *AND* that so many people are so HORRIBLY OBSESSED with weight. I'll bet the photogs burned the rubber off the bottom of their shoes to "break" this "story".... Wow! What a shocker! Gerard Butler is HUMAN!!! So he put on a few pounds over the holidays?? So what? Who didn't??? I hope you had a great holiday Gerry. Screw what they think. ;-)

  • anoy

    More to love. hehehe...

  • chichilavie


  • noah

    The Spartans are not happy.

  • roeschs3

    i'd still do him.

  • Sam

    A few days ago, he was "Starbucks Sexy" in Aspen....still hot to me! :)

  • Suzann

    I think he looks great not "huge"!!! Thank you for posting them though. I love to see him in motion. I like knowing he is human and lets himself have fun during the holidays like all of us do.

  • tatts09

    still hot..