Today On The Internet: McNugget Rage

Today On The Internet: McNugget Rage-photo

You guys, it's 2010, and all sorts of things are still happening on the Internet. Here are a few:

  • An Ohio woman was arrested for punching in a McDonald's drive-thru window after being informed that her beloved Chicken McNuggets weren't available that day. I think we can all relate to that. (The Smoking Gun)

  • Meanwhile, a Canadian man allegedly found ants in his breakfast burrito, yet managed not to punch anything. Odd. (Tabloid Prodigy)

  • Finally someone explains the Sean Connery Method of Acting, which mostly involves Scottish accents and weird clothing. (BuzzFeed)

  • The Dog Brothers were making New Jersey-brand Guidoness famous on MTV long before the Jersey Shore kids came along. (Gawker TV)

  • DAILY CUTENESS CHALLENGE: This adorable cat has its head stuck in a small box. If you find anything cuter on the Internet today, put it in the comments and you will win the prize of our affection. (Best Week Ever)


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