Fear Not Bieber Army, Baby Biebs Lives On

When you don’t Tweet for 14 hours there is really only one obvious explanation. You have died. This is the conclusion some unknown evil eeeevil gossip monger came to this morning when Baby Biebs was most probably fast asleep in his cot, and word spread like Jersey Shore fever that he was dead. Not just plain old dead though… death via suicide!

MTV News came to the rescue just in time to save the hundreds of thousands of weeping girls from rediscovering their dusty Jonas Brothers CD, announcing that Biebs was in fact alive. Biebs then took to his Twitter, oddly to Tweet about an upcoming concert at The Science Museum in London, minutes later to cheekily add “oh yeah…and it feels so good to be alive. haha.”

Whatever Gods you believe in, you may thank them now.