Jersey Shore’s Snooki Skips MENSA Meeting to Dis ‘Twilight,’ Dazzle Us on ‘Leno’ (VIDEO)

By now, we’ve all become accustomed to the sight of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi flexing her intellectual might on The Jay Leno Show. But last night she went it alone, without the accompaniment of her castmates, proving once and for all who wears the genius cap in the Jersey Shore household.

Behold this video of the self-described guidette and occasional punching bag holding her own during Leno’s “10 @ 10″ segment, dishing on how she spent her New Year’s Eve (surprise, it involved the destruction of hotel property), what she would do to change the world for the better (“I would put tanning beds in everybody’s homes”) and her favorite junk food (that would be “pickles,” which may or may not be made from cucumbers, she’s not really sure).

Oh, and she also dished on her reading habits, which are pretty much nonexistent—though she did make it all the way to the second page of Twilight recently, before getting bored because “there were no pictures.”

And some people have the nerve to claim that there’s an education crisis in this country.

We just want to know when the producers of Jeopardy! are going to tap her for a celebrity episode. Pretty-please?