Kirstie Alley Launches Hilarious ‘Twitter Fitness’ Site

Kirstie Alley — longtime national treasure and a woman who once had an epic spaz-out on Twitter, telling the whole Internet to ‘RRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN’ to Sonic for a free Root Beer Float promotion — is apparently diving into the fitness-related micro-blogging game (actually, we think she just made that game up) by launching a new site called Phitter, dedicated to people encouraging each other’s weight loss, 140 characters at a time.

This amazing new site describes itself accordingly:

“Phitter is a phitness phocused community and a gift from Kirstie to encourage talk or ‘Phits’ about health, diet & exercise, while making new Phriends in the Phitter-mmunity and having Phabulous Phun… Phew!”

Despite nothing about this making any kind of sense (especially “Phitter-mmunity” — maybe the worst/best ‘pun’ ever conceived), we’re pretty sure that Kirstie Alley should be made Queen of the Internet because we sort of want to blow the rest of phorever sitting around, sucking down free root beer floats, and staring deeply into this website.

High phive!