Lady GaGa to Become a Comic-Book Character (Officially, This Time)

Look, on the comic-book stands! It’s a singer! It’s a freaky fashion icon! It’s Lady GaGa!

E! Online reports that the Pantsless One has been chosen as the premiere subject for the upcoming Fame comic-book series. The new line of comics is being produced by Bluewater Productions, the same folks who brought us the Stephenie Meyer comic book last year.

The Fame series, which will focus on “culturally relevant” celebrities, will also feature editions dedicated to Robert Pattinson, Taylor Swift, David Beckham and 50 Cent. (Maybe they’ll end up forming their own alliance, a la the Justice League?)

The Lady GaGa issue isn’t due to hit stands until May 5, alas. But in the meantime, hit us up in the comments section: What do you think her super-powers should be?

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