Robsten Fail to Spend New Year’s Eve Together on the Down-Low

Sneaky, sneaky, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. But not quite sneaky enough!

People magazine reports that the New Moon co-stars and pretty much confirmed couple spent New Year’s Eve together, unsuccessfully attempting to keep their getaway under wraps by running off to the out-of-the-way seaside resort of Ventnor, located on the Isle of Wight.

So what gave the two away? Apparently, their dedication to the many Twilight fans out there. It seems the two graciously agreed to pose for pictures with a young follower outside of a grocery store. After which, somehow—don’t ask us how—the pics ended up on a local blog, thereby dashing any hopes the two might have had for a private New Year’s Eve together.

Or maybe it was their subtle way of confirming their relationship, without making an official announcement?

Either way, it seems that there’s little doubt about the pair’s relationship status—unless R-Pattz is so bereft of friends closer to home that he had to fly Stewart all the way out to England so he wouldn’t spend New Year’s alone.

How do you think the two spent their New Year’s Eve together? Feel free to speculate away in the comments section.