There’s No Crying In Living Lohan! (PHOTOS)

Could it possibly be that Lindsay and Ali Lohan’s lives aren’t as charmed as they would seem to be from the outside?

The Mean Girls actress and her allegedly younger sister were spotted weeping into their cell phones aboard a yacht in St. Barths on Monday, during what should have been a placid end-of-the-year getaway.

Could they have been lamenting the passing of Casey Johnson? Were they overwhelmed by the realization that LiLo’s best buddy, “Pootie” Aufdenkamp, had stolen her clothing designs? Did somebody start a vicious rumor that the vodka supply on the yacht was in danger of running out?

We’re not here to speculate—that’s what you’re here for! So without further delay, get thee to the comments section and tell us: What do you think Lindsay and Ali were bawling about?