Vince Vaughn Kinda Sorta Secretly Married, We Think

When a celebrity gets “secretly” married, that doesn’t mean there weren’t guests, and a swank ceremony, a killer party at a sweet location, a priest, and all that jazz.

It just means that they told their publicists to STFU about the wedding.

This would be the difference between the marriage of Vince Vaughn to his long-time Canadian real estate broking girlfriend, Kyla Webber this past weekend, and, say, KevJon’s Jonas Gone Wild million dollar matrimonial production and DVD release.

Apparently, not everybody wants to be face powdered during their vows before God.

While the marriage of the Vaughn-Webber love duo came as no surprise to folks who follow Vince, no mention of any Jennifer Aniston ex hanging his hat in another woman’s kitchen (that makes no sense) would be complete without much haranging about “How Is Jen Taking This?”

Let’s be real. There’s a burden to being Aniston. Brad Pitt kisses Angelina Jolie, everybody asks, “How is Jen Taking This?” Vince Vaughn meets a girl — “How Is Jen Taking This?”. John Mayer tweets about his sex life….okay, nobody cares about John Mayer’s sex life.

Still, imagine being Jennifer Aniston and any time any ex-beau does anything with another woman, the entire world community shows up at your door with baked goods, to pat you on the head and tell you that everything’s going to be alright.

Yep, it’s got to suck.