‘Eclipse’ Script Leaks Onto the Internet; Twi-Hards Rush to Learn What They Already Knew

It looks like Jackson Rathbone has created a king-size spoiler as far as the Twilight sequel Eclipse is concerned.

The Internet has been in an absolute tizzy over the past few days, ever since a copy of the script for the upcoming film reportedly leaked online.

And now Deadline Hollywood has revealed the culprit in this heinous disclosure: None other than Rathbone, who plays Civil War-era vampire Jasper Hale in the hugely popular vampire-flick franchise. Apparently, the script was Rathbone’s copy, which he probably left behind somewhere while dreaming up ways to seduce his co-star Bryce Dallas Howard.

Fortunately—we guess—the leaked script was an early, pre-shooting version, so Twi-hards who stumble upon it won’t have too many surprises ruined for them. Except for the part where Emmett Cullen comes out of the closet. (Whoops, sorry; that was actually from the piece of Twilight fan-fiction we’ve been working on. Our bad.)

Tell us in the comments section: If you came across the leaked Eclipse script—for whatever bizarre, totally accidental reason—would you read it?