Justin Bieber’s Swagger Coach and 12 Other Little-Known Celebrity-Assistant Jobs (PHOTOS)

Ever wonder how tween sensation Justin Bieber has managed to attain and maintain such a remarkable amount of swagger at the tender age of 15? Well, it’s been plaguing our minds, too.

Luckily, The Biebs broke it all down for us in the New York Times, revealing that he actually employs the services of a “swagger coach” to teach him the ancient Jedi-like mysteries of, um, swagger. His name is Ryan Good, he’s a former assistant to Bieber’s mentor Usher and, as the “One Time” singer puts it, he “helps me and teaches me different swaggerific things to do.”

Bieber isn’t the only celeb who has a little help in maintaining an A-list level of fabulousness. Click through our photo gallery to discover other little-known (until now) positions in the celebrity-assistant field.