Taylor Lautner’s Abs Are Getting PAID, Y’all

Taylor Lautner’s Abs Manager is definitely earning his keep these days.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the New Moon beefcake will be earning $7.5 million for his next project, the Tom Cruise-starring Northern Lights. That paycheck, coincidentally, will officially make Lautner, 17, the highest-paid teenage actor in Hollywood. (Take that, Miley Cyrus! Guess you should’ve done a few more crunches, huh?)

The film, which will begin shooting on April 1, is about “a gifted, young,  aerobatics pilot who faces off with his controlling, billionaire father and falls in love with a gifted, female pilot.” (We’re assuming that Lautner will play the pilot in question, and that the plot will somehow involve his plane catching fire, which Lautner valiantly extinguishes by ripping off his shirt and smothering the flames with it.)

$7.5 million, people. That’s, like, $973,000 per rippling, chiseled ab. Assuming Lautner doesn’t manage to somehow spring a 10-pack before production begins (and we wouldn’t completely rule that possibility out).

Man; Taylor’s going to be so screwed if his abs ever decide to go off on their own and embark on a solo career.

Tell us in the comments section: How do you think Taylor’s abs will spend that kind of money?