BUZZINGS: Tiger Woods Supposedly Took Ecstasy With a Mistress. Because Ambien Sex Gets Boring After a While.

  • One of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses says they took Ecstasy together. Yes, we officially now know more about Tiger Woods than we ever needed to. (Bossip)
  • Lady GaGa is designing cameras for Polaroid now, which will include a special setting that makes everyone look like a complete fashion disaster. (PopEater)
  • David Hasselhoff is leaving America’s Got Talent for his own TV show. Please let it be a televised drinking contest… (Dlisted)
  • Kristen Bell would like you to know that she’s not the girl next door, so please put the binoculars away because you’re creeping your neighbors out. (Parade)
  • Tila Tequila and Nicky Hilton had a fight over deceased heiress Casey Johnson’s dog. Nice to see them keeping their priorities straight in this time of mourning. (E! Online)