Jessica Simpson Goes on Controversial “Sister’s Hair” Diet

It’s official: Jessica Simpson has sailed over the hills of Weirdoville and touched down in the middle of Crazytown. And she’s bringing her kid sister Ashlee along for the ride!

Two weeks after gracing the world with a video of herself with a lit candle shoved in her ear, the Dukes of Hazzard actress/tabloid mainstay tweeted this head-scratcher of a pic, in which she appears to be munching on Ashlee’s hair. Which has been twisted into a zany, There’s Something About Mary configuration, for some reason.

We know Jess has taken more than her share of knocks about her weight, but really, this can’t be healthy, no matter how few calories her sister’s locks contain. And the caption for this delightful image? “What the who?!?! Who is in whoville tonight?!,” an apparent reference to Dr. SeussHow the Grinch Stole Christmas!

To which we can only reply,

You should not eat your sister’s hair!

You should not eat it on a dare!

You should not eat it, dark or fair!

You should not eat it, Head-of-Air!

After you’ve absorbed the insanity, let us know in the comments section: What in God’s name is wrong with these two?