Should Ke$ha’s Party Stop? (VIDEO)

Ke$ha. You either love her or you hate her. Or you don’t really care about her either way. But you’ve gotta admit, that one song is pretty damn catchy. And her album Animal, which released yesterday, is probs gonna beat Susan Boyle in the charts this week. That’s a situation if we ever saw one.

So last night, the ever-so-classy singer performed on The Tonight Show With Conan O’ Brien. On one hand, the cheesy robot moves and lackluster vocals make her look like she’s performing a girly Vanilla Ice cover at a high school dance. But then there’s that big part of us that loves her “I don’t give a F” attitude, while we question whether or not she’s showered in the past week and just how sober she really is.

We want your opinion, so comment away: How do you think she did?