‘Youth in Revolt’ Premiere Brings Intense Stares, Girl-Dog Love to the Red Carpet

Michael Cera, looking like a deranged ax-murderer. Portia Doubleday, French-kissing a dog. Justin Long, acting exceedingly goofy. Yep, it was an interesting night at the Youth In Revolt premiere, held on Wednesday at the Mann Chinese 6 Theatre in Hollywood. (Well, except for the Justin Long part—he’s always acting goofy.)

The comedy, which opens nationwide on Friday, features Cera as a humble, lovelorn teen (which must have been a real stretch for him) who adopts a rebellious alter-ego in an effort to win the heart of Doubleday.

Unfortunately, last night’s red-carpet spectacle is less easily explained. We can only suggest that you click through the photo gallery and attempt to decipher it all for yourself.