'Youth in Revolt' Premiere Brings Intense Stares, Girl-Dog Love to the Red Carpet

Michael Cera, looking like a deranged ax-murderer. Portia Doubleday, French-kissing a dog. Justin Long, acting exceedingly goofy. Yep, it was an interesting night at the Youth In Revolt premiere, held on Wednesday at the Mann Chinese 6 Theatre in Hollywood. (Well, except for the Justin Long part—he's always acting goofy.)

The comedy, which opens nationwide on Friday, features Cera as a humble, lovelorn teen (which must have been a real stretch for him) who adopts a rebellious alter-ego in an effort to win the heart of Doubleday.

Unfortunately, last night's red-carpet spectacle is less easily explained. We can only suggest that you click through the photo gallery and attempt to decipher it all for yourself.



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  • tatts09

    hahahaa..he was gr8 in ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO...i loved that show..i loved that show!!

  • sydsouth

    * two bitches kissing, gross!!* =P

  • S_lowry

    Considering that the dog was in the movie... I don't really find it all that insane.

  • retroartiste10

    i so wanna see that movie + I think michael Cera is such a cutie!!! :D

  • criticxtreme

    This chick is insane. Who brings an animal to a premiere? When you see one of these Hollyweird chicks toting a dog like this head for the hills!

  • criticxtreme

    Damn, many of these so-called Actors and Actresses are really little people with long arms who can't act or dress. And who can't on the spot think of something to say without publicist direction and a teleprompter. They're walking robotic morons and think about it, some of your children want to be just like them. How nice and if Hollyweird hasn't dumbed us down enough.....

  • criticxtreme

    This guy has a lot of work. In every movie is gets to do the same thing he did in his last movie. With him,it's a lot of the same old shenanigans. I'll wait for the DVD or when it comes to cable.

  • Mary

    No pictures of Mary Elizabeth Winstead? She attended the premiere too. She's co-starring with Cera in Scott Pilgrim

  • LAG

    That fact that his eyes do that is kind of creepy, but he's still adorable.

  • Charlie

    Any dog lover has my heart!

  • missthing06

    ugh somone needs to get a boyfriend


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