Angelina Jolie Is Out of a Job, Freeing Her Up for More World-Saving

Angelina Jolie is now officially a victim of her own success.

According to WWD, the Salt-y vixen has been relieved of her modeling duties for clothing brand St. John. Jolie had been prettying up the company’s ad campaigns since Spring 2006.

So what did Jolie do to find herself out of a job? Fail to adequately pout? Nope, apparently she’s just too darn popular to survive in the competitive world of fashion-house spokesmodeling. According to St. John’s Chief Executive Officer Glenn McMahon, Jolie “overshadowed the brand.”

Curse you, hugely successful acting career!

In an effort to “show a modern point of view of St. John,” the company has replaced St. Angie with model Karen Elson.

Jolie, we imagine, will console herself by adopting another kid or three. We know that always cheers us up when we’re feeling blue.