BUZZINGS: Jay Leno’s Bitterness Is as Outsized as His Chin

  • Amid cancellation rumors, Jay Leno tears into his network during his monologue. Tune in to Jay’s show tonight, when he’ll attempt to stick his other foot in his mouth. (PopEater)
  • Jessica Biel begins her climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro, where she hopes to find a wise man at the top who can tell her if Justin Timberlake will ever marry her. (Parade)
  • Archaeologists unearthed an ancient mummy in St. Barts yesterday. Oh wait, that’s just Rachel Zoe in a bikini. (Dlisted)
  • Lindsay Lohan doesn’t just steal clothing, she also apparently steals clothing designs. We can also confirm that she’s totally stolen our hearts. (Socialite Life)
  • One of Tiger Woods’ many alleged mistresses claims he had gay sex. Of course. How long before the Furry community claims him as their own, too? (Bossip)