Jersey Shore Gets A Makeover: What Up With That?

Introducing the cast of Jersey Shore in their best attire, sipping tea (or tea-flavored vodka?) like the classy individuals they are in the latest issue of InTouch magazine. Pretty much everything about this photograph is amazing (especially Ronnie and Pauly D’s expressions), but let’s see what the gang has to say

The Situation, on people’s perceptions of them:

“People are seeing the way that we are on TV, but then they see that we’re just polite, nice kids in person.”

The Sitch, on Angelina’s departure from the show:

“She does text us. We wish she had stayed. What was she thinking? It’s like leaving The Beatles.”

DJ Pauly D, on refusing to let the hairdresser on set touch his hair:

“It takes forever. I’ve got a million other things to do today.” He agreed to wear a hat instead!”

It’s almost too much. But we love it. After a close inspection in our gallery, who’s makeover is your fave? Share it below!