Lindsay Lohan Explains It All (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan Explains It All (VIDEO)-photo

Finally, a look at Lindsay Lohan's upcoming documentary about child trafficking in India! Doesn't ring a bell? Remember when she claimed to have saved "40 children in 4 hours" last month? Yep, now it's time to take your first look at this amazing accomplishment with your own two eyes, in which Our Dear Lindsay blows the lid off who is REALLY to blame for human trafficking (SPOILER ALERT: Traffickers):

We think this is a couple of karate kicks short of being the Dirk Diggler documentary in Boogie Nights. Share your thoughts below!



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  • veronica

    i thin she was actually very genuine about this whole thing. ive folow her on twiiter and she'd been writing about human trafficing since like may of last year and how she was in the process of organising took time to organise everything she ddint just jump on a plane and take a camera crew with her...i think she's trying really hard to change her public image and become a better person but the media isn't letting her, they just want to see the bad in everything.

  • Chi Chi LaRoo
    Chi Chi LaRoo

    I think the aim of the documentary is admirable, but, the method is cringe-worthy. Just watching this clip...eee*gads! I thought it was going to be tastefully shot, with a Lohan voice-over. I didn't think they were going to shoot it in bad 1980s investigative journalism style, a la "Broadcast News," with those awful cutaway shots of Lohan *looking concerned*...It's one thing if the viewer is watching Lohan discover the truth about what is going on, it's another thing to have to watch and listen to her talk about this subject as though she's an authority. It's as though she just picked this cause out of a hat and decided to make a documentary film.

  • trujoe3

    I can't believe I'm actually saying but yeah, Lindsay is actually doing a good thing here. Granted her self serving approach of her 'work' on the project here in the states is screwed up (and thinking about it she'll prob make her role even bigger than what it is) the point remains valid that people will listen to a retarded celebrity about issues like this than a 2 bit bleeding heart no name reporter. The message is what matters. At the end of the day though, Lindsay is still a generational media whore. So promote the idea but tell the dumb blonde/redhead that if you wanted the lip you'd knock if off your dick when she starts looking for praise.

  • george

    Lindsay is actually doing something smart. would people watch if an unknown journalist covered the story?? no, she bringing a important issue into the light for everyone to see

  • gh

    How can you critise her doing this? She is obviously concerned and wanted to help .you are weird and cruel.