Blake Lively to Become Latest Geek Lust Object in ‘Green Lantern’

Calm down, that wasn’t an earthquake you felt this morning; it was just the collective orgasmic tremble of millions of comic-book geeks in their parents’ basements, upon hearing news that Gossip Girl beauty Blake Lively has signed on for the upcoming Green Lantern movie.

Variety reports that Lively will set aside her role as bad-girl socialite Serena van der Woodsen in order to portray pilot/love interest Carol Ferris in the film, which will star Ryan Reynolds as the tights-clad, magic-ring bearing do-gooder.

The comic-book adaptation, which will begin filming in March, hits the big screen on June 17, 2011.

In the meantime, Lively might as well acquaint herself with the scent of Cheetos breath and desperation; she’s going to be encountering it a lot with her new fan base.