BUZZINGS: Katy Perry Gets in on the Hot Pregnancy-Rumor Action

BUZZINGS:  Katy Perry Gets in on the Hot Pregnancy-Rumor Action-photo
  • Is Katy Perry with child? Her Twitter posts seem to suggest so. Apparently no one told her that faking pregnancies via Twitter is Tila Tequila's gig. (The Superficial)
  • Jay Leno's primetime show is officially canceled. Now he'll have to go with his backup career: Smashing walnuts with his giant chin for nickels. (PopEater)
  • Lindsay Lohan has apparently delegated her vehicular mayhem duties to her assistant now. Huh; she actually is capable of making a wise decision on occasion. (OK! Magazine)
  • Jersey Shore's Snooki hosts a fist-pumping competition. Yes, a fist-pumping competition. Is there still time to add this to the 2010 Olympic games? (Socialite Life)
  • Mila Kunis says she makes mistakes every day. But enough about Macaulay Culkin... (Parade)


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  • iluvkaty

    jus like jay-z and beyonce shes beautiful hes hideous

  • missthing06

    She probably is knocked up. Her and Russel are one WEIRD couple if I do say so myself. She's gorg. He gives me the heeby jeebys


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