Heidi Montag Releases New Single. It’s Like a Car Crash for the Ears!

You know how it’s impossible not to gawk at a terrible car accident, even though pretty much synapse in your body tells you that you’re really repulsed by it? Yeah, well set that to a trite dance beat and awkwardly over-processed vocals, and you have Heidi Montag’s latest single.

The Hills villainess has just unleashed her newest musical offering, “Fanatic,” on the world, and it’s filling us with the worst case of conflicted emotions we’ve experienced since finding out that Jessica Biel was cast in the A-Team movie. Yeah, the song’s tacky, obnoxious and utterly unnecessary; but at the same time, who can resist the urge to watch Montag blissfully wallow in the delusion of her impending pop stardom?

Can’t wait to pick up the full album, Superficial, which coincidentally goes on sale today. It’ll be like attending a demolition derby, except we won’t be washing the smell of smoke and oil out of our hair for a week.

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