Noah Cyrus Turns 10, Gets a Jump on “Fashion Icon” Status

Miley Cyrus may be the one with the clothing line, but clearly it’s her little sister Noah who has all the fashion smarts in that family. Noah turned 10 on Friday, and to celebrate, she hit the Grove in Los Angeles with her family—and revealed herself to be, despite her young age, a style renegade with a bold, compelling sartorial sense.

From the neck up, it’s all about working the “Young Woody Allen” look—a favorite among fashion-forward 10-year-olds. Moving down, the red frill says, “I am a poinsettia—beautiful, but poisonous,” the top says, “I am a snow leopard, rare and fierce,” and the clunky, Frankensteinian Chuck Taylors say, “I may only be 10, but I am fully equipped to kick ass.”

Yes you are, Ms. Cyrus. Yes you are. You’ve grabbed our attention, and this time you didn’t even have to dress like a midget stripper to do it.

Take a bow, you’ve earned it.

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