Potter to Cullen: Why So Serious, Man?

There’s no denying that Twilight is an uber-successful book and movie franchise.  

Long lines.  Screaming fans.  Endless gossip suggesting every cast member was swapping spit with other cast member during production, as if the movie set was the poorly lit corner of the high school dance floor during a Def Leppard power ballad.

Twilight brings America’s mothers and daughters together in a mass-hormonal-frenzy that hasn’t been seen since the days JC, Lance, and Justin were synchro-stepping onstage.

Yet, for all the media and fan Twi-hype, any muggle can tell you that the junior Draculas of Forks, Washington, are no match for the Brit wizards of Hogwarts Academy.

tale of the tape

The Potter book are selling more units per release and the films are generating more box office than their Twilight counterparts.  Harry Potter simply has more phenom in the phenomenal department.

Harry’s even getting his own theme park in Orlando.

Still, it’s not as if the Twilight folks are coming ’round end of the month looking to bum some dollars for rent, there’s plenty of supernatural super-series cash to be divvied up.  Plus, Twilight Eclipse and Twilight Breaking Dawn, scheduled for release in 2010 and 2011, respectively, could make a play to defeat the first and second installments of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, also scheduled for the 2010 and 2011 back-to-back-year releases.

The final tallies have yet to be taken.  The war for media dominance not yet established.  But, for now, make no mistake, despite the incredible success of the Twilight Series, it remains the slower-little-brother-in-short-pants when compared to the Harry Potter empire.