Eva Mendes Sees Megan Fox’s Sexy Armani Ads, Raises Her A Half-Naked Calvin Klein Spread

It seems like it was just this morning that Megan Fox was the hottest celebrity spokesmodel in the world. And in fact she was.

But Hollywood is a ruthless, fickle town, and one doesn’t get to rest on one’s laurels (or half-clad derriere) for long. Mere hours after Transformers beauty Fox enraptured the Internet with her Emporio Armani ads, Eva Mendes turned up in these stunning photos.

Sure, it’s easy to assume that they’re just part of Mendes’ ongoing modeling contract with Calvin Klein, and that the timing is just coincidence, but that would be naïve. Eva Mendes did not become the star of Ghost Rider and The Spirit by letting challenges go unanswered. She clearly came to play, even if it seems that she left most of her uniform at home.

Luckily, no matter who comes out on top in this fleshy bid for show-biz dominance, we’re all winners. But just to make things official, take our poll and tell us: Who has hotter ads, Megan or Eva?

After you’ve thoroughly examined the photo gallery, of course. These decisions shouldn’t be made hastily.