Katy Perry Terrifies Us (PHOTOS)

As weird as it is to think that Russell Brand is actually settling his crazy, British ass down with Katy Perry, the evidence is hard to deny. Katy's engagement ring is prettay, prettay, prettay HUGE!

And it doesn't look like Katy isn't afraid to just show off her happiness. Look at that hot body! We guess we can put the recent pregnancy rumor back on the shelf for a while.

Scope Katy out in our new gallery! Are you happy for her and Russell?



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  • kristinapodaneva
  • sydsouth

    * aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, oh wait it's just her face -- wow, I didn't even notice the shirt, what a coincidence!!* =}

  • obsessed

    ooo im terrified

  • missthing06

    shoot i would be if I were marrying him

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Sure, she's not pregnant. Now. What do you think is in that plastic bag she's carrying?