Nick Jonas Mistakes His Guitar for an Olive Branch (VIDEO)

Nick Jonas is quite the little diplomat.

Even though he’s capable of cranking out a killer tune every time he hits the head, the Most Talented JoBro peppered his at a recent solo show in Philadelphia with a  cover of Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me,” and smothered it in love by offering Swift a hearty congrats on her incredible 2009.

This, despite the rather ugly split that Nick’s brother Joe had with Swift, and the steady stream of bad blood that’s flowed between the two ever since.

Hmm; now that Swift has been freed from the romantic clutches of Taylor Lautner’s Abs, is Joe trying to spark an homage-driven reunion between the two?

Or is there a more sinister intention at play here? Is Nick, with the newfound sense of independence from his solo project, trying to establish dominance over his siblings once and for all by making a play for Joe’s ex through song?

Check out the video below and share your theories in the comments section.