Oprah Winfrey Rallies Against Fur While Wearing Leather. Oops.

Oprah Winfrey appears to be a little confused about the whole animal-rights thing. As does, ironically, animal-rights group PETA. The talk-show mogul appears in a new ad for the critter-lovin’ organization dubbed Fur-Free and Fabulous, which has so far made headlines for its unauthorized use of First Lady Michelle Obama’s image

But for the real controversy, we must dig deep into some troubling areas indeed—specifically, below Oprah Winfrey’s belt. Where, keen students of clothing materials will discover, she’s wearing a leather skirt.

Leather, for those who might not be aware, is derived from animal skin. Much like—no, in fact, exactly like—fur.

But apparently it’s okay to parade around in some dead creature’s flesh if you scrape the fuzz off and tan it first.

Oh well; we should probably just be grateful that Winfrey didn’t decide to follow after some show-biz femmes and appear nude in the ad.

Tell us in the comments section: Is Oprah Winfrey a big, fat, stinking hypocrite, or just misunderstood?