The Rock Plays The Tooth Fairy, But Who’s Up For Easter Bunny

With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson starring in the upcoming film, The Tooth Fairy, we couldn’t help but wonder what actors might be cast to play other well-known mythical creatures. 

With our connections inside the industry, we were able to pull a number of casting mock-ups that were at the top of the studio wish list to portray the Tooth Fairy’s fantastical cousins in future motion pictures.

Take a look and see if you agree with these casting choices.


spencer as easter bunny

He lives in The Hills.  He has big floppy ears.  He likes to mate.  And he leaves a trail of pellets in his wake.  Yep, it’s Spencer Pratt.

Who else to portray this charmingly-empty-headed and delicious-when-served-with-white-wine mythical egg-dispenser each and ever spring?  Just imagine all the holiday love poetry this will inspire in Heidi.

If only we could keep the real Spencer to a once-a-year visit.


Brad as Bigfoot

This perennial contender for Sexiest Man contests everywhere, Brad Pitt has been sporting a truly awful goosh of facial hair for a good reason — he’s vying to play the role of the original yeti himself, Bigfoot.

Brad brings a unspoken tenderness to the misunderstood beast, portraying Sasquatch as a hairy beast with a cool swagger and an award winning smile.  While not a conventionally sexy role for Brad, Angelina will still insist he stay in wardrobe for their cosplay evenings.


Borat as Santa

A perfect pairing of the spirited Kazakhstani television news anchor and North Pole’s St. Nick. 

Borat believes that a lump of coal is a valuable and practical gift and reserves it for only the nicest of children.  While there is no Mrs. Claus in the picture, Borat certainly would be glad to make the sex with any gypsy woman on Christmas Eve.


Tori as Abominable

Question: What’s ferocious and barrel-chested and covered in glued on blonde hair?

That’s right.  Tori Spelling.  The perfect casting choice to portray the Abominable Snowman, the wintry menace stalking the arboreal hinterlands, just waiting for a wayward camper or wealthy Hollywood scion to snap up into its frightening marital jaws.