Which Member of The A-Team Is a ‘Samantha’?

With release dates for Summer 2010 finally set, the manly manster movie adaptation of hit ’80s TV show The A-Team is set to go tete-a-tete with the swinging-single-girl-power sequel Sex and the City 2 (also based on a popular, albeit more recent, television show) in a summer blockbuster battle of the sexes.

To assess the potential winner of this testosterone vs. estrogen movie madness showdown, it might be helpful to understand that these film casts really are just two opposite sides to the same coin, each respective gender on a mission to find themselves some action. Upon closer inspection, even the individual characters of each fabulous foursome have some deeply rooted commonalities. Take a look and see how we breakdown the similarity pairings between the two movie gangs.


“Hannibal” (Liam Neeson) and “Carrie” (Sarah Jessica Parker), the two commanders of their respective packs. Both put thought and care into the mission laid out before them, whether that be to rescue prisoners-of-war from a jungle stronghold or to get downtown for drinks with Mr. Big. Natural born leaders both, while Carrie is a fashion trendsetter, Hannibal is a large artillery weapons expert.  So, sort of similar, though, not precisely or anything.


Both “Face Man” (Bradley Cooper) and “Samantha” (Kim Cattrall) are players in the game of sexual conquest. They use their sparkling smiles and perfect set lighting to lower the defenses of their human conquests. While “Face Man” is less likely to use words that would get you sent to the principal’s office, his intentions mimic Samantha’s inasmuch as he believes his soulmate is out there somewhere, just waiting to be found, most likely on the morning side of a one-night stand.


B.A. Baracus (Quinton “Rampage” Jackson) don’t like when people talk like no crazy fools. Charlotte (Kristin Davis) concurs. B.A. is the the moral center of the A-Team. He thinks everybody is acting recklessly, that everybody is gonna get killed, and that drinking milk is a decent alternative to the crazy suckers around him. Charlotte also diverges from the more libertine tendencies of her urban posse. But, just like B.A., when it’s time to shop for cute shoes, she’s right there in the pack.


Murdock (Sharlto Copley) a/k/a “Howling Mad Murdock” and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) a/k/a “Howling Mad Hobbes” both have a unique outlook on life and are prone to fits of whim and fancy.  Miranda must consider whether to divorce her husband for a crime he did commit, while the government arrests Murdock for a crime he did not commit. Both are workaholics and often turn to their careers to the detriment of their personal lives.

See, when you break them down, they’re pretty much the same thing. Honestly, you could see either movie and probably get a very similar dramatic experience. Though we suspect there will be very little mixing among the crowd this coming summer.

Which do you plan to see? ‘The A-Team’? ‘SATC 2’? Both? Neither? Just holding out for a sequel to ‘Old Dogs’?