Which Of These Insane Ke$ha Facts Is NOT True?

Ke$ha is pretty ridiculous. With her crazy addictive song “Tik Tok” and her new album Animal set to knock Susan Boyle outta the #1 slot, it’s time we got to know this party animal a little bit better.

Can you spot which one of these fun facts is NOT true? Leave your best guess in the comment section!

A. She could barely afford to buy a taco last year, despite being on Flo Rida’s #1 song “Right Round.”

B. She used to be best friends with Lady GaGa until the two had a falling out over a guy…. who turned out to be gay!

C. Her mom gave birth to her at a party. “She invited all of her friends over and they were just kicking it, and then all of a sudden I, like, flew out.”

D. She once threw up in Paris Hilton’s closet and was on an episode of the The Simple Life.


Scroll here for the answer **The correct answer is B**

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