Paris Hilton Finally Attempts Fashion Design (PHOTOS)

With all the recent news Lindsay Lohan has been making for her misadventures in the world of fashion design, you didn’t think Paris Hilton was just going to sit around and let herself be ignored, did you? Of course not. Now Paris herself seems to be dipping her toe in the clothing design waters, as she was recently spotted wearing a new T-shirt she made, which we hear is an early prototype from her fall collection.

While this garmet is far too sophisticated for us to understand its true meaning, we think the cartoonishly-drawn blonde girl may be meant to represent Paris, and the giand crayon-scrawled message “I Love Animals” might be making a subtle statement about enjoying animals. The rainbow can only be a reference to Paris’ delusion of living in a magical kingdom of which she is the princess.

Click through our gallery to draw your own conclusions.

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