What Happened to Aubrey O’Day? (PHOTOS)

Aubrey O’Day. You may know her from Making The Band 3 before she made her name as the “party girl” in girl group Danity Kane. Then, after a big blow up with DK founder P Diddy, who claimed that fame had changed his beautiful Audrey, she went on to pose nude for Playboy, star in the Vegas show Peepshow, and show off half-naked pics of herself on Twitter.

There’s definitely something going on with Aubrey in the most recent pictures of the star (above left). The singer showed up to an event in West Hollywood last night looking almost unrecognizable. New boobs and a rounder face? Or is there something else going on here (besides the near NIP SLIP, Jesus!) Anyways, we still liked her the best when she looked like the girl-next-door (above right).

Which do you prefer? Do you like pre or post-fame Aubrey? Dish out your opinion in our poll and the comment section. You know you wanna!