Leighton Meester May Have a Bit of an Attitude Problem

Is Leighton Meester beginning to confuse herself with her Gossip Girl character Blair Waldorf?

A source tells the New York Post that the actress and budding songbird copped a major attitude while dining with pals and GG co-star Ed Westwick at New York eatery Philiipe on Tuesday. According to the mole, the star-studded dinner party was causing a ruckus at the establishment, getting loud and cursing up a blue streak, much to the consternation of a nearby table of lawyers and investment bankers. When one of the diners asked Meester to tone down the sailor talk, Meester reportedly replied,

“F*ck you! How dare you tell us to keep it down?”

Huh; it’s difficult to imagine such language coming out of Leighton’s pretty little kisser. Are they sure they didn’t have her mistaken for Jersey Shore’s Snooki?

Luckily, Westwick, peacemaker that he is, came to the rescue, telling the offended party,

“Don’t worry about my friends. We should all be happy. Let’s hug it up, guys.”

And you know what? That’s exactly what they did. Supposedly. That Ed Westwick is quite the little diplomat.

Attention, United Nations; we may have your next celebrity ambassador for you.