Nick Jonas Continues His ‘Seduction Through Song Tour 2010,’ Covers Miley’s ‘The Climb’ (VIDEO)

Nick Jonas, you sneaky little devil, we see what you’re doing here.

Earlier this week, in an apparent bid to woo Fearless songbird (and his brother Joe’s ex) Taylor Swift, the Most Talented JoBro busted out a heartfelt cover of Swift’s “You Belong With Me.”

Now Jonas has expanded his repertoire, combining Swift’s tune with “The Climb”—which, as a few of you probably know, was popularized by Miley Cyrus. Who, as a few of you probably also know, has a bit of a history with Jonas. A romantic history.

Gotta give Nick credit; at least he’s efficient about his seduction efforts, if not particularly subtle.

If he starts busting out the Susan Boyle covers next, though, we’re gonna start to worry… 

Check out the video below (we apologize in advance for the perhaps over-eager audience participation):