“Pants On The Ground” Is the First Hot Jam of 2010 (VIDEO)

If you watched the final 10 minutes of last night’s American Idol, your life was probably forever changed by a 62 year-old man named General Larry Platt. The Atlanta native shocked the judges with his very own ditty called “Pants On The Ground.”

Simon’s reaction? “I have a horrible feeling that song could be a hit,” he grumbled (with an all-too-knowing smirk on his face). Immediately after, the hilarious song was a trending topic on Twitter, merchandise already getting ready for sale, with remixes spreading like wildfire on YouTube. 

Turn your volume up as high as it will go, watch the original below, and then check out our favorite covers (so far) of “Pants On The Ground.” Spoiler Alert: this may be the best song in the history of life.

Acoustic Cover:

Little boy dancing:

And the dance remix, obvi:

What do you think about “Pants On The Ground?”