Adam Lambert Has a Sad Day (VIDEO)

Adam Lambert Has a Sad Day (VIDEO)-photo

Poor Adam Lambert. He's so depressed that he went through an entire video shoot without shoving his glam-tastic crotch in his backup dancer's face.

Behold, the video for Lambo's new single "Whataya Want From Me," a veritable orgy of angst, mopery and camera-friendly pouting. He's depressed! He's frustrated! He's sitting on his kitchen counter and trying to figure it all out! But most of all, he's wondering, "Whataya want from me?"

We want you to cheer up, buddy, because all this feeling sorry for yourself can't be good for you. Besides, if you keep frowning like that, you're going to get wrinkles. And nobody wants that.



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  • Cindy

    You, Kenneallo-ho-ho, are pathetic. Such a shallow, trite and mean-spirited article shows that you are, well, shallow, etc. Good luck finding any good in your life----you seem to be bent on putting down one of the best talents to come along in my 52 years. Have you really watched and listened to Adam, his videos and his songs? I doubt it.

  • nik111

    Beautifully shot video. Ms. Martel captured a lovely side of Lambert.

  • hanh    Vietnam
    hanh Vietnam

    love u more adam. U r HOT .yeah

  • music lover
    music lover

    ADAM LAMBERT WWFM absof*ckinglutely gorgeous!!!!!!! (so whatayawhantfromhim mr.tim?)

  • Dakota C
    Dakota C

    What are you, a jealous boyfriend, Kenneally !? You sound like some high school kid who lost his girlfriend to the quarterback. If you want to review a video, review it, don't make snide remarks about the artist. It is a beautiful video that interprets the lyrics of the song. So, if you were a real journalist, you would tell us why it is not a good video. The song was written by someone else, not Adam, the video concept was someone else's. Would Pink, one of the writers of the song, be given the same treatment or would you be afraid she'd come after you, something Adam would be too much of a gentleman to do ? Fool !

  • sydsouth

    * I sorta like it...*

  • Kate

    Besides being snide do you also strangle little kittens in your spare time? That wasn't a real review. It's obvious you do not like him--so, why bother to pretend you can seriously review anything he does? The video is stunning. Adam is fabulous. His CD rocks. You are just jealous.

  • Britte

    He just does this so he will get lots of comments on his 'piece'. He knows Adam fans will comment, especially if he writes something small and petty. Everyone wants to ride Adams coattails, particularly the untalented.

  • Donita

    What a contrast between this classy, artsy music video ... and the snarky, mean-spirited commentary by the angry Kenneallo, who nonetheless capitalizes off of Adam's appeal by including the much-anticipated video (which the blogger trashes) in his piece.

  • Winnie

    So impressed with this video. My fear with Adam is that he overacts. Like he said at the beginning of Idol about the difference between stage and television performing, that with the camera in your face you need to be more internal. I think he has mastered the new media. Come on, now, lets get some acting roles! He is so good at everything he does-interviews, acting or role playing, modeling, and of course singing and dancing. What a debt we own Idol introducing us to this great talent.

  • maryann`

    Go, Adam! Sing some more!

  • Desi

    this video is great and this article is just stupid.

  • Caro

    Wow.........this video is everything and more than what I was expecting from Adam. Such a gifted performer who leaves you wanting more and wondering what is gonna happen next. I can never get enough of Adam!

  • Bruce

    What a sarcastic ass you are - you need to stop calling yourself a writer or reviewer. Do something more your style like the daily death notices.

  • Lili

    Hey, reviewer! What do you want from Adam??? It seems he can't do anything right for you. If he's sexy, he's too sexy - if he's happy, he's too happy, and if he's sad, he's too sad!! Give Adam a break and don't call him a Lambo! I think you're just very jealous of him and jealousy is bad for your health and can bring wrinkles!

  • clr

    Your review is very immature Kenno. Sounds like you are frustrated. Be careful it makes wrinkles. See what I mean? It sounds stupid.

  • Lessthanimpressed

    Mr. Kenneally please conduct yourself with some integrity. This kind of a review is something a teenager would write. Kenno I think you rolled off the wrong side of the bed. You seem to be frustrated. Better cheer up buddy, it will produce wrinkles and nobody wants that. See how stupid it sounds.

  • kopns

    I actually like this video, and how Adam interacts with the camera. American Idol has to be rigged. Adam is 100 times more talented than Kris, and Kris' poor album sales are proof enough that he wasn't the top voted performer. Oh well, Adam got his break anyway.